This post about Tiffany Chambers and Vanessa Walker’s pics for Babestation was originally posted by @Babe_TV,  28th August 2013 on their now defunct Tumblr account, giving us a first hand incite from a Babestation super fan’s perspective of the goings on of Babestation from early 2000 until the late 2010s.  The waxworks he is referring to are from their appearances on Babestation Blue but with no photos of this night surviving, we have included pics from their only photo shoot together.

It’s said that life imitates art, and that’s certainly the case here. I call this ‘Madame Bluessauds’. They’re not really made of wax of course – it’s the real Tiffany Chambers, and the real Vanessa Walker, on Babestation Blue back in 2011. But the glazed, perhaps even hypnotised expressions do give the girls a surreal quality, and without the Babestation Blue screen graphics I might well have got away with convincing a few people that Madame Tussauds had immortalised the lovely Tiffany and Vanessa.

Whilst I’m not aware of any impending Babestation waxworks, or indeed waxwork tributes to any other UK babe channels, I think it’s only right that babe channel history should get a wax display at some point in the future. Perhaps a bit more realistic than this one though… I wonder if they’d been chatting to Derren Brown?…

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