Taken from the old Tumbler blog of @babe_tv this blog about Tiffany Chambers was first published, 17th September 2013.

Tiffany Chambers is “The Face of Babestation”. Not that you’d know it to look at her, butTiffany Chambers setting aside a short break in service, Tiffany is one of the all-time longest-serving babeshow regulars, having appeared on Red Light Central and S66 but mostly recognised as one of the top Babestation ‘A’-listers, and has remained at the leading edge of the babe channels from the early days on Sky TV in 2004, right through the Freeview explosion, and into the ‘modern era’ of accelerated hire and fire. When you consider the volatility of the business, that really is some achievement.

But it isn’t only Tiffany’s looks which have brought her such attention. A lot of people think that success on the top babe channels is purely a matter of lying on a bed and looking good. But time and again it’s been shown that models who don’t have the personality skills, the energy, the mental stamina and a healthy dose of X-factor, will not endure on Babecall. It might be possible to get through three or four nights without any of the above qualities, but approaching a decade?… No. You need to be a lot more than a pretty face and a fit body to stay afloat in what’s become an incredibly competitive field. Maybe it was classed as a fairly easy job in 2004, but there’s little question that in the Freeview era, remaining a Babestation regular has taken hard work, focus, and more than a bit of the je ne sais quoi which magically instills in viewers a feeling of: “sod the phonesex bill”, and gets them dialling the numbers.

Tiffany Chambers

Tiffany Chambers comes across as a true free spirit, and whether that’s resulted in her competing with Amanda Rendall for page space in the Babestation Compliance Book (no mean task!), cutting her own hair in the middle of a babeshow, or serving as the greatest ever advert for her beloved junk food; she’s always been the slightly crackers jack-in-the-box, who just happens to look like an angel.


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