Back in 2016, The guys on the babeshow forum wanted to find out who out of all the babes appearing on the babe channels in that year had the best rear.  There was only one way to be sure…a ‘Rear Of The Year’ competition.  And this is how it happened, see if you agree with the outcome:

It all started with the nominations where members sent in names of all the babes they wanted to see in the mix.

Rear of the Year Knockout Round

Then due to the high number of nominees, a knockout round was set up, pairing the girls up and pitting them against each other:

rear of the year
Anastasia Harris

1. Ashley Emma v 64. Amanda Rendell
2. Clare Richards v 63. Honey Scott
3. Anastasia Harris v 62. Tara May
4. Sophia Lares v 61. Paige Green
5. Stacey Robyn v 60. Mikayla Bayliss
6. Preeti Young v 59. Jasmine Webb
7. Nicole Snow v 58. Goldie Lox
8. Hannah Martin v 57. Brooke Lea
9. Priya Young v 56. Evelyn
10. Cara Brett v 55. Sydney James
11. Kimberley Jenner v 54. Kimberley Jones
12. Fernanda Ferrari v 53. Gracie Adams (a.k.a Gracie Gomez)
13. Gemma Jane v 52. Tiffany Rose
14. Jennifer Jade v 51. Ella Jolie
15. Emma C v 50. Rell Honey

rear of the year
Priya Young

16. Lynda Leigh v 49. Lexi Lowe
17. Lola Knight v 48. Rosie Rendell
18. Mikaela Witt v 47. Lacey Grace
19. Keira Knight v 46. Stella Cox
20. Cali Garcia v 45. Becky Dee
21. Paige Phillips v 44. Katy Summers
22. Jenna Hoskins v 43. Electra Morgan
23. Dannii Harwood v 42. Scarlet Bouvier
24. Sophie Hart v 41. Madison Rose
25. Ruby Summers v 40. Olivia Berzinc
26. Alice Goodwin v 39. Kitty King
27. Kerrie Lee v 38. Lucy Summers
28. Lara Rose v 37. Lily Rose
29. Kelly O’Brien v 36. Alexa Brooke
30. Lori Buckby v 35. Mica Martinez
31. Tori Lee v 34. Flick Hill
32. Macy Leigh (a.k.a Macy Kate v 33. Cara Steel

Rear of the Year Group Stage

The voters would then decide who wins in the head to head which took us through to the group stage where voters were asked to vote for their two favourite choices in each group:

Ruby Summers

Group A
Ashley Emma
Priya Young
Lola Knight
Ruby Summers

Group B
Clare Richards
Cara Brett
Mikaela Witt
Alice Goodwin

Group C
Anastasia Harris
Kimberley Jenner
Stella Cox
Lucy Summers

rear of the year
Cali Garcia

Group D
Sophia Lares
Fernanda Ferrari
Cali Garcia
Lara Rose

Group E
Stacey Robyn
Gemma Jane
Paige Phillips
Alexa Brooke

Group F
Preeti Young
Jennifer Jade
Electra Morgan
Mica Martinez

rear of the year
Nicole Snow

Group G
Nicole Snow
Emma C
Dannii Harwood
Tori Lee

Group H
Hannah Martin
Lynda Leigh
Madison Rose
Macy Leigh

Rear of the Year Round Of 16

The top 2 winners from each group went through to the Round of 16 where things got really difficult, as some of the posts can attest to|:


fuck..this is difficult




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