Being a fan of Paige Turnah since 2010, I was pretty well versed in every inch of her spectacular body – big round ass, big tits, little waist and a perfect shaved pussy, just ripe for eating. Having called her many times on TV I figured it was time to schedule in a cam session with her. She mentioned during our phone chat on Babestation that would meet me on cam that evening and we began talking about my preferences- outfit choices, toys, that sort of thing.

I asked Paige if she owned a slutty college uniform, fishnet stockings, a tie and white  knickers. She winked and said “leave it to me”. I didn’t really have a preference regarding toys but I didn’t want a huge dildo or butt plug. Not that I’m opposed, I just didn’t want anything obscuring my view of Paige Turnah’s ass and pussy. I couldn’t wait for 7.30pm to roll around and as soon as that clock said it was go time, I had my finger on the button.

Paige answered the call with a big grin and a “hey sexy man”. I love it when she calls me her sexy man. She looked sensational in her slutty roleplay outfit and I couldn’t wait to put her in detention. I could see that Paige had an array on sex toys on her bed and I spotted a leather paddle, perfect for spanking her booty. She also had a Vibratoy, wand, dildo, bondage ankle restraints and a blindfold. I could tell that tonight was going to be a good night!

Paige started off by putting on some music and performing a strip tease but because of the angle of the camera it was more like a POV lap dance. It felt like Paige Turnah was grinding her ass against my lap whilst she stripped for me and let her big tits burst out of her shirt. I imagined sucking get nipples and squirting some cream on the and licking it off. Paige must’ve read my mind because she pulled out a can of squirt it cream and told me she wanted to be eaten. Paige pulls her knickers to the side, squirts some cream onto her shaved pussy and demands I lick it off her clit. She then strips totally naked and stands there confidently, letting me take in her erotic nude form.

Paige describes her blowjob technique to me whilst I imagine rimming her and tongue fucking her wet pussy. It feels like we’re on a boy girl porn film together. Paige Turnah bends over and twerks her big sexy ass. I ask her spread her ass cheeks and she eagerly obliges. Paige then slips in her Vibratoy and I keep buzzing it until I hear Paige get more and more breathless. Paige cums hard and I notice her clit twitching. She definitely didn’t fake it!


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