Older women continue to dominate the porn business for a reason: they’re hot! What
about women in the age range of 20 to 60? Are they getting the recognition they
deserve? Apparently, in the porn world, MILF (mature, independent and gorgeous)
ladies have a lot of appeal. It has nothing to do with their age, either. We’ll discuss
why younger guys like milfs and provide some advice on how to capture the interest
of this prominent type of pornography in this article.

But first, a history lesson

The word “milf”; has been around for quite some time, and it’s origins are still a bit of
a mystery. Some say the term originated in the early days of computer networks,
when people would use terms like “majordom”; to refer to Administrators on those
systems. Others believe that the word may have come from military slang, in
reference to MILFs (Mothers I’d Like To Fuck) – female soldiers who were considered
attractive by their male counterparts.

Whatever its origins, today “milf”; is used colloquially in comedy and predominantly
online however it would be frowned upon in polite conversation or a professional


So, when does somebody become a MILF?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the term “milf”; can have
different meanings depending on who you ask. Generally speaking, though, when a
woman reaches a certain age and her body begins to change – she’s considered a
milf. This changes over time too – sometimes being referred to as an older MILF or
even a grandma MILF (or GILF).

So what does it mean for someone to be called a milf? For many, it can mean that
the woman in question is experienced and knowledgable enough about sex that
they’re able to enjoy it at any stage of their life. She doesn’t just rely on younger
partners anymore; she knows how to please herself and enjoys bringing pleasure
back into relationships for other women too!

MILFS in Pornography

There is debate surrounding milfs in pornography. Some argue that MILFs are degrading and objectify women, while others believe that they’re simply providing an adult audience with what they crave – Pornography featuring older women. Whatever your stance may be, it’s clear that there is a large market for films and videos featuring MILFs. In fact, some studies have even shown that the number of viewers interested in watching porn containing milfs has increased over the last few years. So why is this?

Some experts believe that older women are more believable when it comes to performing sexual acts onscreen. They also point out that many men find them attractive either because they can relate to them or because they think their age gives them experience and wisdom which can be put to use during sex. Whatever your opinion, one thing is for sure – The demand for films and videos starring Milfs will only continue to grow in the coming years!

Famous MILFS in the lime light

So, what makes a “famous”; MILF? Well, depending on who you ask, they might say
things like being outspoken about feminism and sex positivity, appearing in mainstream media outlets or films, or having successful careers outside of the porn industry. However, whatever the criteria may be, one thing is for sure – these ladies are making headlines! Here are some of our favorite famous (and infamous) MILFs: Jenna Jameson – America’s first female celebrity Porn Star and founder of production company Club Jenna Entertainment Ltd. Jenna would be the most notable and has appeared in over 270 feature films and dozens of television shows throughout her illustrious career. She also founded Living Life Loudly!, a organization that provides resources and education surrounding mental health and addiction issues within the adult entertainment community.

Jenna Jameson

Other honourable mentions for hottest adult performers include: Christy Mack, Nina
Hartley, Monique Alexander, Jenna Haze, Emmanuelle Chriqui and of course, our own sexy MILFs, Lynda Leigh, Leigh Darby and Emma Butt…the list goes on and
on! And whether you’re into huge tits or curvaceous bodies, there is probably a MILF
out there whose story interests you. We may even cover celebrity MILFS in more
depth in a future article, including some less obvious more mainstream UK cougar
examples such as Ulrika Johnson.

So what do blokes look for?

There is no one answer to this question, as guys usually have different preferences.  However, in the world of online pornography some common things that guys look for in a MILF include: big boobs, a round ass, and a curvy body. Guys also appreciate Milfs who are willing to get dirty and enjoy sex MILFs know how to please their partners – whether it be with oral or anal sex. They’re confident women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. You might be interested to note that high ranking search terms include: amateur, big tits, pov, orgasm, redhead, cumshot and blonde milf. Just to name a few…




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