The last few Cam Girl of the Week blogs got our jaws dropping. Lynda Leigh told us all about her Mile High Club experiences, Bella shared with us her fetish towards lesbian porn, but, in this article, you really will be saying OMG! Yes, it’s that time of the week! Time find out some explicit facts about one of our busiest cam models from the past week. This week, we delve into the X-rated world of the gorgeous Ella Mai! This sexy minx is your Cam Girl of the Week!

Ella has been with Babestation for the past 3 years and she’s fast becoming the go-to girl for a filthy webcam chat! Ella Mai has graced the mainstream media with shoots in the Daily Sport, Daily Star, Nuts, Zoo, Loaded, Mayfair and many more. Before the glamour world, Ella Mai was an office personal assistant, a life which did not excite her. In her younger days, Ella was picked on for her looks, this is what drove her to enter the glamour industry to prove the haters wrong! She was a woman on a mission and it’s mission accomplished! After being scouted by various modelling organisations, Ella Mai began her journey into the best industry in the world! She caught the eye of Babestation very quickly, and we couldn’t let this beauty get away. Her cute petite figure and stunning natural beauty has grasped the Babestation nation, and will do for many years to come!

Ella told us she thinks the future of the glamour industry is going to be fully online, and she’s certainly making her mark at the moment. Her clients describe her as ‘Babestation’s finest brunette’, and we absolutely agree! When Ella isn’t pleasing her large cam clientele, she’s most probably shopping, horse-riding or partying it up with her girlfriends. Lay your eyes on some of these sensual snaps…

Here’s the full interview with Ella Mai from Babestation Cams!

What do you get out of working on Babestation Cams?
I enjoy seeing the weird and wonderful! Finding out what guys are into interests me. I’m quite an open and sexual person, so exploring people’s different and dark sides is what I’m used to. I’ve got some really crazy stories about what guys get up to with me on cam!

Crazy stories? like what?
One time I was on a two-way video chat with one guy. He told me that he had a crazy fetish and didn’t want to tell me what it was. I said, ‘ok show me!’. Then he grabbed a shoe of his, and starting putting it up his ass. I was like what the fuck! Then he basically stuck it all up there, I was in utter shock, the shoe had completely disappeared!

Describe yourself in three words?
Sensitive, Honest & Funny!

Can you share with us one of the naughtiest things you’ve done on Babestation Cams?
I was with one guy on a private chat, and he was getting me really horny. So I took it upon myself to grab two of my favourite sex toys and go full on double penetration! It felt amazing for me and he definitely enjoyed himself.

So do you use sex toys quite a lot?
Yes! Pretty much everyday. My trusty vibrator and butt plug are my favourite toys to play with They usually make an appearance on cam too!

What outfits should guys expect to see you wearing in your webcam shows?
I’ve basically got everything in my wardrobe. I like to wear suspenders and stockings a lot, I usually pair that up with a naughty office girl outfit. You’ll probably see me in an outfit for less than a few minutes as I tend to get naked very quickly.

Who is your celebrity crush?
100% it has to be Tom Hardy! He is all sorts of fine! I love that whole cockney bad boy villain vibe.

What are you yet to tick off on your sexual bucket list?
Ok this is going to sound quite messed up ha! So, I want to have a threesome with 2 guys, 1 of them being gay and the other bisexual. So we would do a sex train, I would be at the front, the bisexual guy fucking me from behind, and he’s getting fucked from the gay guy at the end. Yes, totally crazy I know! All aboard the sex train, choo choo!

What’s one of your main fetishes?
I love small cocks! I’m really not sure why but I’m obsessed with small dicks. I even search ‘small cock’ into the porn websites and search engines!

…so if you were with a guy with a big dick, how does that work?
I’d probably be turned off a little bit if I’m honest with you. I’m probably the only girl that would say they prefer a small dick ha!

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What things do you look for in a guy sexually?
He’s got to be very sexually open like me, be willing to try lots of different things. I wouldn’t want him to get embarrassed either, he needs to be confident in the bedroom. And finally, he has to be dominant under the sheets, I’m hard to handle!

What is your hidden talent?
I’m also a Singer! I sing RnB songs. I’ve had a few records out actually, a couple of my tracks have been on the radio too. I’ve actually just started up again with my singing.

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?
Not yet…but you can add this to my sexual bucket list

What sexual position do you enjoy most?
As most girls agree with, doggy is best! Like I said before, I love a man to be dominant and take charge of me. I want to receive!

What do guys mostly request on Babestation Cams?
Most of you naughty lot ask me to act out a point of view blowjob. Even though I like small dicks, my mouth is big enough to fit all sizes

Is it the size of the hammer? Or the guy swinging it?
As I said, I have a strange fetish for small dicks. So it’s definitely down to the guy swinging it. I mean, I don’t mind a big cock, but if it’s overly big then it just hurts. Especially as I like anal sex, a big dick would kill me!

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
I like to have a little pre-cam wank, a cheeky fiddle with myself. I get myself to the point where I’m just about to cum, then I stop. I let you naughty guys finish me off on Cam.

Do you sleep naked?
Yes, it’s a must! Even if I’m in bed with a friend or a pet, I have to be naked, I absolutely cannot sleep with clothes on.

What type of porn are you into?
I consider myself a porn addict! I watch a lot of ‘good girl for daddy’, ‘small cock’ & ‘bisexual man’ porn. I watch it every single day!

Who’d have thought it, Ella Mai is partial to a small cock! This was an interview for the ages! If the naughty Ella Mai got you licking your lips, you can have your own private cam show here