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Babestation Cams – Meet Our Thai Webcam Models

Thailand is full of great things, incredible beaches, full moon parties, delicious pad-Thai and tons of incredible hot babes! If you watch our Babestation TV channels (we know you do!), you’ll have noticed our Thai Girls, if you’re wondering what the craic is with these girls and who they are, this blog is perfect for you! Our Thai girls have cemented themselves on Babestation TV & have quickly become on screen favourites with you naughty guys! We think it’s time for these Thai beauts to join Babestation Cams and see what they get up to when rules don’t apply. We sent one of our top employees to Thailand for the month, with the sole aim of scouting the hottest cam models they could offer. When he arrived back, we were not disappointed with the talent on offer!

Meet Our Thai Webcam Babes

Name: Nadia
Age: 25
Height: 5’6″
Breasts: 36B

nadia thai babestation cams

About Nadia

When somebody mentions the word ‘Babestation’, Dannii Harwood straight away pops into your mind. When somebody says ‘Thai Babes’, Nadia is that girl who you think of! Nadia is synonymous with the glamour industry in Thailand. She is known for leaving her clients fully satisfied, which is why they always come back for more. Nadia’s petite figure is down to the hours she puts in the gym, having a body like that doesn’t come easy, but her clients do cum easy. One of Nadia’s regulars told us, “her flexibility is crazy, the positions she pulls off are unreal”. The hype is definitely justified with this Thai babe.

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Name: Amy
Age: 27
Height: 5’7″
Breasts: 30C

amy thai babestation cams

About Amy

One word to describe this babe is, adventurous. And we’re not talking about climbing mountains and the travelling sort of adventurous, we mean up for anything, sexually adventurous! Amy is known for being on the wild side and never saying no to the filthy requests you send her. When you pick Amy for a cam chat, expect your jaw to drop on more than one occasion. We spoke with one of Amy’s new clients and he told us, “everything I asked Amy to do, she did it! She went to levels I didn’t think she could go to”. Like we said, she’s adventurous 😉

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Name: Sami
Age: 27
Height: 5’6″
Breasts: 30C

sami thai babestation cams

About Nana

This Thai babe screams sex appeal! After touring Thailand with her hugely successful modelling work, Sami wanted something more, something a bit more exciting, a bit filthier! She found her place with Babestation Cams and she can be as filthy as she wants now. Sami told us, “when I go on cam, I get the urge to strip down naked and stay naked, me and clothes don’t mix”. There’s no waiting around with Sami, she gets straight down to business. This Thai beauty is high in demand, and if you want to see her go X-rated, then Babestation Cams is the location.

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Name: Nana
Age: 27
Height: 5’7″
Breasts: 30C

If you have a fetish, a wild fantasy or something that needs fulfilling, then Nana is the Babestation Cams model for you. Nana is known for having a wardrobe full of kinky outfits, various sex toys and even some domination gear. Whether you want to be treated by a naughty nurse or be her submissive, Nana will make sure you have a happy ending! She shared with us that, ‘fantasies are an amazing thing, being able to enter another persons fantasy and make it come true turns me on!’. So what’s your fantasy?

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