Did you know that the UK is the most popular country in the world for dogging. There are locations dotted around every single county and if you’re considering entering the lifestyle there are a few things you should know. For starters, if you are not familiar with the term, “dogging” is the act of engaging in or witnessing exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public setting. If you’re wanting to dip your toe in, It’s not just a matter of parking up wherever you feel like and tossing off your partner in the backseat, there are actually a lot of rules to abide by and it’s not as care-free as you might think?

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  1. Wearing a condom is a requirement if you want to avoid getting STDs. Bringing a “party pack” to share with the other “doggers” is welcomed.
  2. Do not ‘dog’ in front of unsuspecting passers-by
  3. Keep quiet and avoid drawing attention; treat the entire encounter as one big secret.
  4. No one should reveal their identities. No one should expose the identities of other doggers, and to safeguard your own identity, you should adopt a dogging nickname.
  5. Put all condoms and other rubbish in the bin. Act as though you weren’t there.
  6. Be sure to always park safely
  7. In the event that one of you wants to stop, decide on a signal or a safe phrase.
  8. It is pretty unusual for a woman to show up alone at a dogging site. For safety reasons it’s recommended that she go with a friend of someone she trusts.
  9. If you’re a voyeur and like to watch, that’s fine, but if you want to touch, don’t do it unless you get consent first.
  10. Flash your inside lights if you like to be watched or roll down your window to invite people to join in or get closer.
  11. Turn your headlights off when you arrive at the dogging site.
  12. When you’re done, drive around for a bit or stop at a pub to make sure you’re not being followed
Make sure to clean up when you go dogging

Some pretty sound advice. It reminds me of this clip from Ladhood on BBC Three:

While browsing the Plymouth Herald I came across an article about a 30-something dogger who revealed the truth about what really happens in a dogging car park. He said:

“In the main, doggers are not mac-wearing perverts, or social misfits. Many drive nice cars, have regular jobs and live in suburbia. They are the type of people who live next door to you or work with you. What they all have in common is that they are turned on by the thrill of having sex in public. There really is no one stereotype. They are of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.”

“This is not a social scourge that is causing distress to unsuspecting locals. It is a minority sport, taking place at remote beauty spots away from residential areas, mainly late at night. I understand why it mightn’t float most people’s boat but the prudes shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the fun for others because of their own sexual hang-ups.”


He continued:

“I’ve always been a voyeur and the thought of meeting random couples to have sex with was a real turn on. Then I found a website with a list of locations. I must admit to being sceptical when I parked up on a midweek summer evening. But after a while my attention was drawn to a group of men gathered around a car about 50 yards away. My most memorable moments included sex with a woman in the back of a BMW X5 while her partner sat in the front listening to the radio. The time a couple knocked on my window claiming they had a flat battery and asking if they could sit in my car for warmth which led to me having sex with the guy’s missus.”

Just remember, if you decide to partake in a spot of dogging, always be safe and courteous of others.

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