The Daily Star sent their resident journalist, Liam McInerney to the Babestation studio to get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the UK’s longest-running babeshow here is what he discovered…

Liam was asked to get to the Babestation HQ for 9am where he would be met by Mo, the general manager. Liam sets off from his South East London flat at 7.43am on a wet Thursday morning. Two trains later, and after scoffing a bacon roll he finally arrives at an industrial estate. Liam wonders if the babes will be as glamorous as they present on camera?

Daily Star
Hannah Sofia

After being introduced to the general manager, Liam is taken on a tour of the studio. However, he was surprised at how calm the environment was:

“People presume the vibe in here is crazy, everyone is naked etc and it’s really not that. It’s a really normal working environment. In one room engineers and content guys are tapping away on computers, a scene like any mundane office in the country. And strolling into the kitchen, which is beside the TV studio, some models are sitting having their breakfast, which I certainly hope is better than the one I had earlier. I hear them chatting about the housing market and what properties they are looking to buy. It’s the first sign of how financially stable the Babes are.”

To kick things off, Daily Star man Liam asks Mo – what actually is Babestation? Mo replies:

“I would like to describe it as a legendary adult brand. When we were younger we waited until 12 midnight on Sky to run upstairs and turn the telly on. We have evolved from being a TV show to still being a TV show but having an online presence, an interactive camming business. But we manage many models, from people who have been on reality TV to right down to girls who cam anonymously. We do everything to keep this industry alive but with female empowerment at the heart of it. There have been many businesses who have come into the adult business but for all the wrong reasons and they have not lasted. We are 20-years-old in December and we celebrate the fact we’ve empowered such independence in our performers. I am really proud of it. We have created a really nice working environment for the sex workers in a time when it has become less and less taboo with OnlyFans and stuff like that.

Content with Mo’s explanation, Daily Star journo, Liam continues his tour:

“The TV studio looks like your typical one with two producers working away behind multiple screens. But for the first time, it feels like Babestation. The heel of one Babe is sticking out of a curtain as she chats to a bloke on the phone. Remember, it’s the morning time, so it’s not quite the filth you’d expect to hear later that night.”

Liam overhears a seductive chat between a model and her caller: “You know I can’t be naughty on this line baby,” Liam notices that while the model teases her caller, the producers and Mo are having a casual chat about trainers while the head of production is unveiling the New England kits in preparation for World Cup inspired social media posts.

After the babe finishes her naughty phonesex call, Liam sees her leaving the booth and throwing on a hoodie. She makes her way to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Liam spots a written sign about kitchen etiquette upon entering the kitchen. Something about not leaving dirty cups and dishes in the sink.

“It’s certainly not all glitz and glamour then. And this was confirmed by the legendary Charlie C who I meet as she comes in the door for her shift. She’s running a few minutes late after being stuck in traffic but still kindly agrees to a quick chat.”

Daily Star
Charlie C

Liam asks Charlie C what it’s like putting on an alter-ego before going on camera, she replies: “You build a character. I am nothing like the person I am on TV.” Interjecting, Mo replies: “You put on a mask don’t you?” To which Charlie C jokes: “Yeah it’s called makeup and plastic surgery.”

Charlie C has been appearing on the live babeshow for over a decade and she is one of the most popular daytime babes. Before becoming a Babestation model, Charlie C was working in an office and ‘driving a really shitty car’. She came to Babestation for a trial and quit her job that same week. Charlie spoke about her time on Babestation:

“It’s really fun and it gives you opportunities to lead a nice lifestyle and if you are good at what you do it gives you the freedom to travel. It’s a bit like a family, everyone is really close. Some of the producers have been here since day one.”

It’s not just Charlie C who is a long-standing Babestation employee. The channel’s head of production confirmed that he has been working for Babestation for 19 years. Liam stumbles upon a small boxing ring in the corner of one of the rooms and asks Mo what it’s for. Mo replies: “Babestation League of Wrestling. Also known as the blow league. It’s for fun.” There is no denying that….

Liam sits down for another chat with Mo, who explains more about the business. Mo reveals that Babestation ‘is an escape, a fantasy.’ He goes on to say that while many callers do I see want to talk about sex, lots of people just want to chat about their day or banter with the babe.

Having interviewed many of the Babes, Liam realises just how intelligent and savvy they are.   Mo confirms that the image the models portray on TV are a world apart from what they are actually like. Mo adds:

“If you had to draw a picture of who a Babestation girl is, you will 1,000% get it wrong. We manage them day in and day out and they are smart and intelligent entrepreneurs. The wealth they generate for themselves and their families means they even have people working under them. It’s a really lucrative business and they are very aware of the shelf life. Some girls have property portfolios, restaurant portfolios and some have invested in Crypto platforms. We’ve had lawyers, NHS nurses, ex police officers and even a biochemist.”

Daily Star
Tara May

Liam presses Mo for information about the callers and he is intrigued by the sort of man who would call a live Babeshow and not just log on to Pornhub. Mo explains:

“We have very wealthy people spending a lot of money and then just your average Joe on pay day who has 50 quid spare. People know what they are getting with this. It’s a relationship, it’s a chat, it’s escapism. It’s not a scene you watch for five minutes and switch your laptop off and you’re done. It’s a relationship.”

Mo goes on to reveal that Babestation has no shortage of women wanting to work for the company. Babestation receives 300 applications per month from women who want to appear on their TV and cam platform. Liam leaves to go back to the Daily Star with this closing statement:

“After saying my goodbyes, Mo insists on giving me a lift to the station. In the car we chat about our normal lives, relationships, kids and the pros and cons of living in the city. And the conversation was perhaps as normal as the atmosphere I had just witnessed at Babestation

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