The History Of The Clitoris

The clitoris has long been a mystery and a point of misunderstanding. It was seen as a useless body part in the early 1600s with the sole purpose of sexual pleasure. In the 21st century, researchers are still working to unravel the clitoris’s past and better comprehend its skeletal structure. In this blog we’re going to look into the history of the clitoris and remove any mystery from it.


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The clitoris AKA the clit, is the female body’s version of the penis’ erectile tissue. It is regarded as the most delicate erogenous zone and we’ve come to discover that all mammal species have it, and it could include a little bone called the os clitoridis. The clitoris in females is made up of erectile tissue, which in males develops into the glans of the penis and in females, the external part of the vulva. The clitoris develops from the same tissues that become the glans and shaft of the penis, and due to hormonal stimulation during puberty, it acquires these two distinct shapes. Female genitalia thicken and grow in height during this phase, creating space for the enlarged clitoris to fully develop.

A whopping 80% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Due to its connection to female pleasure, the clitoris has been viewed as a significant component of female sexuality since ancient times.


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“A new and worthless component”

The French surgical text by Chirurgie Francoise in the 16th century described the clitoris as a “new and worthless component.” Clearly this didn’t explain the anatomy or function of the clitoris. This pissed off the European medical community, with Vesalius chiming in that it should not be attributed to healthy women. In the later part of the 16th century, many female anatomists began to re-examine the anatomy of the clitoris and its role in female sexual pleasure. By the end of the 16th century, there was an increased interest in studying female genitalia. It is believed that these female anatomists played a vital role in shaping modern views of female anatomy and physiology.

Pleasure vs procreation

Historically , conception was thought to require both a female and a male orgasm, which was why pleasure and the act of reproducing were associated. As a result, clitoral stimulation came to be seen as an essential part of female sexual satisfaction. Many women even believed that the more pleasure their partner could provide through clitoral stimulation, the higher the likelihood that they would get pregnant. Recent studies, however, show that clitoral stimulation has no relevance on the capacity to conceive.


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What makes up the clitoris

The clitoral glans (also known as the clitoral head), body, and crura make up the structure of the clit. The surface of the clitoris that experiences orgasm during stimulation is known as the clitoral glans, or glans. The corpora cavernosa are two vascular erectile tissue bodies that allow for erectile function. A pair of labia minora are also present on the clitoris, which aid in preventing friction during sex and to protect the sensitive clitoros. Last is the vestibular bulbs, which are situated on either side of the body and function to enhance pleasure during sexual stimulation.

Society and culture

For centuries, Western civilization has completely ignored the clitoris. Although the female anatomy received the majority of medical attention, the clitoris rarely did. Male doctors rarely examined female patients’ pelvises or dissected female cadavers, and ancient doctors were unaware of the significance of this crucial component of the female anatomy.

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Penises are portrayed as being pretty small in ancient Greek times according to statues around the time. This implies that sexuality was at war with intellectual pursuits. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when the complete extent of the clitoris was fully mapped out using 3D imaging. With more understanding, the clitoris is now recognised as an important component of female anatomy that can enhance both pre- and post-sexual happiness. This is one of the reasons it is being discussed more frequently in popular culture.

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Find out more about the history of the clitoris from this podcast, helpfully titled: The History Of The Clitoris.


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