Mr BSX has more insights into his experience behind the lense of these old school picture and video shoots from Babestation Xtreme in 2012.  Featuring big names in the world of British porn, find out what the Iron Lotus sex position is along with other awesome BTS anecdotes!

18th June 2012 – Alyssa Divine in Big Wet Butts – Babestation Xtreme

Sexstation favourite, Alyssa Divine presents herself at the Babestation Extreme studio wearing nothing but a tiny pair of shorts that barely cover her gorgeous ass, and a loose fitting white vest top that gives awesome side boob views.  What happens next?

Well there are no prizes for guessing of course because those of you who aren’t blind or stupid can see from the pictures that Freddy Flavour gets an outing with a bottle of baby oil, and when Freddy comes out of the cupboard to play he simply has to have lots of fun or he gets quite upset and uncontrollable.  He’s a big ol hairy man!  “Get any more masculine than him and you’d have to live up a tree!”

babestation xtreme

There is something about oiling up a woman’s body that is simply indescribable, I think you’ll agree.  Freddy has a passion for the baby oil and keeps vast quantities of it in the cupboard for pleasuring himself when he’s all alone, so we have no shortage of it around the place.  We advised him to take his trousers off before he got the oil out, but once he’d seen Alyssa bending over naked in the shower he couldn’t help himself (he went home in his pants that night, much to the astonishment of many commuters on the tube).

babestation xtreme

So tune into the series Big Wett Butts on Freeview channel 95 Babestation Extreme and check it all out. You can also watch XXX porn films of Alyssa Divine in the Babestation VIP members area.  You can also watch your favourite live babeshow babes from Babenation, Studio 66, Red Light Central and Xpanded by becoming a member


20th June 2012 – Yuffie Yulan – Iron Lotus – Babestation Xtreme Shoot

To the uninitiated, Pornographic Nomenclature can seem quite confusing at first, particularly with reference to the various assorted positions that actors and actress’ must put themselves through in the pursuit of creative endeavour and to satisfy the demiurgic proclivities of the Director, added to this confusion is that over time many of these sobriquets become abbreviated thus the ‘Missionary’ becomes ‘Mish’ the side on doggie becomes ‘Spoons’ and of course we have the ‘old faithfuls’ such as ‘doggie’, ‘cowgirl’ and ‘reverse cowgirl’….some positions even coalesce into a what we euphemistically refer to as a ‘Combo’ and the aforementioned Missionary and Spoons are combined into a new single position called a ‘Spoosh’.

You may have seen the Spoosh popularised in many U.S gonzo productions, the female lies on her back legs together, the male kneels in front, takes the girl’s ankles and holds them in a raised position then turning her legs, usually to his left to clear the view for the camera penetrates her vaginally or perhaps anally, this presents the cameraman with an unobstructed view of the penetration whilst enabling him to tarry on her facial expressions, this position is best performed with a reasonably strong male performer as he must brace her legs and ‘power-fuck’ her to climax whilst maintaining some semblance of dignity and self control.

Of all the Pornographic sexual gymnastics that any performer could undertake there is one so deadly, so dangerous and so taboo that it is almost never talked about, indeed during what has now become known in  porn circles as the ‘Nantes Incident of ’98′ during the Porn Parody re-make of the Will Smith film ‘Enema of the State’  the unfortunate death of Cuba Goodwood Junior resulted from attempting this death defying position, it is nothing less than the ‘Iron Lotus’ of sexual positions and it is called  a ‘Flying Reverse Piledriver’ , Indeed while filming in Spain as second assistant , Our director was instructed to film a Flying Reverse Piledriver, such was his horror at this undertaking that he preferred to throw himself of a cliff rather than be responsible for the consequences.

You can imagine then my utter Horror when Shaft came in and told me he was going to try this on Yuffie Yulan, he assured me he had been in hard relentless training and his mind and body were at their peak, this moment would be the pinnacle of his career and he had finally found a girl he felt could work with him to produce his ‘Masterpiece’, he begged and pleaded with me to trust him ( he also held my head down a toilet but we won’t go into that) and promised me that he knew what he was doing.

I let the cameras role, made my peace with God and called ‘Action’ and Shaft, by the grace of God, did not disappoint, you can see from the look on Yuffie’s face that it was not exactly painless experience, but History was made, the first Flying Reverse Piledriver in the UK, and I filmed it for Babestation Xtreme, thank you Shaft.

babestation xtreme


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