Exploring the World of April Mae & Lucia Marie Foot Fetish

Who is April Mae?

At the age of 23, April Mae Babestation can be described as the girl-next-door who used to work as a stripper and podium dancer. She has performed her sensual dance routines and provocative strip teases all over the United Kingdom, leaving men entertained.

April Mae

April particularly enjoys dressing up in an assortment of seductive outfits before stripping down to bare skin and tantalizingly teasing with her body. Whether it’s delicate bikini or more extreme bondage gear, April’s imagination for adult content will give you the British porn star experience you’ve been seeking. With her expertise in striptease and blonde phone sex April is sure to leave you wanting more.

Do you have a fetish?

“I love having my feet worshipped and played with”

Who is Lucia Maria Babestation ?

Lucia Maria babestation, a stunning 20-year-old glamour model and star of Babestation and babeshows, is known for her sultry brunette looks. Despite being one of the youngest models on Babestation, she is far from being innocent – her provocative Lucia Maria xxx banter, her brunette phone sex and enticing performances, including topless oil shows on both webcam and TV, prove that she loves to tease and is anything but tame.

She’s a former dental nurse with big boobs turned to modeling and is making waves on the Babestation scene. Lucia Maria heats things up on Babestation Cams.

Lucia has quickly become a fan favourite with her sultry looks and captivating performances.


Lucia Maria and April Mae’s Lingerie Photoshoot

April Mae

April Mae & Lucia Maria Babestation Foot Fetish Video

Babestation Feet

Interviewed by Babestation, April revealed:

What turns you on?

OMG, having my feet played with really gets me wet. I don’t know what it is about having my toes sucked and massages but it’s so arousing. I’m also a big fan of oral

Here Lucia Maria makes Aprils dream come true.

April Mae

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foot fetish? Foot fetishism is described as a strong sexual attraction towards feet. Those who have this fetish may be drawn to various aspects of the feet, such as their shape and size, the soles, toes, or any accessories like toe rings and anklets. Other points of interest include treatments like massaging or washing their partner’s feet, or painting their toenails.

The state of dress of the feet can also be a factor, from being barefoot or wearing flip flops, ballet flats, sandals, high heels, hosiery, socked feet, among others. Additionally, sensory interaction can play a role in this fetish through rubbing the foot, smelling it, tickling it, licking it or even rubbing one’s genitals on it. Amber Paige is a popular color for toenail polish among those with a foot fetish.

The Cowboys’ star linebacker Micah Parsons has just revealed that he has a foot fetish. He was being interviewed by CBS’ Bryant McFadden who asked Parsons what the weirdest thing about him is. McFadden appeared lost for words when Parsons dropped the bombshell that he got aroused by toes. It seems he isn’t the only celebrity who likes feet.

April Mae

Feet Fetish Cams

Numerous attractive women, including babestation girl April Mae, are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase their toes, soles, and pinkies in front of you on feet cams. They frequently advertise themselves as being prepared and enthusiastic to fulfill your foot fetish needs, and are willing to do so in any possible way.

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Presented here is a snippet from our latest livid for admirers of feet and footwear, showcasing the stunning Bella Mendez, who possesses both ample tits and ass. She starts off in her huge BDSM style, PVC platform boots, before peeling them off for the punter on the other end of the adult phone chat.

What is Babestation VIP ?

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