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Babenation - Babestation's Home On TV

Babenation tv, previously known as Babestation 1 or BS1, is the principal show in Babestation's babeshow family. The first episode of Babestation 1 aired on Freeview in the wee hours of May 13th, 2009. It was hosted by Megan and featured Donna Duke as the first babe to take calls live on screen. Yvette Merrimen, Ana Lovato, and Dionne Mendez were the other girls who appeared on this first television show.

Babenation live regularly featured dedicated webcam chat babes known as 3G girls for the first 18 days of the show. These babes had a lower profile than the regular BS1 babes and were eventually replaced by Sexstation webcam babes. However, during their time on BS1, they worked in a separate area of the same studio as the TV presenters and offered callers the option to interact with them via webcam. The 3G area, on the other hand, was incorporated into the Babestation 2 and Partyland sets by the end of May 2009.

On that first night, the performances of the Babenation girls were extremely cagey. But that was short-lived! The audience was able to watch girl on girl kissing in less than a week, and by June, they were watching full-on threesome snogs. The first baby was officially here.

Babenation And Other BS Channels

Babestation 1 has gone through several iterations since those exciting times, including a name change from BS1 to Babenation tv live, as it is now known. However, it has never lost its status as Babestation's flagship show. Its distinctive broadcast time set it apart from its sister shows Babestation Blue and BSXtra. While BSBlue didn't arrive on Freeview until after midnight and continued on until 5am, BSXtra started on Freeview at 10 p.m. and continued on until 5 a.m. Babenation porn stands out because it would air on Freeview for a wild 30-minute time slot during which it would also promote Babestation Xtreme's schedule for that night.

You could tune into Babenation every night in the early to late 2010s to receive a live promotion for who would be appearing on Babestation Xtreme, (also known as BSX), Babestation's live, uncensored pay-per-view porn channel. Behind the scenes of the live babeshows, Babenation was in charge of promoting the night's extra filthy live shows, whereas other channels like BSBlue were mostly set up to find new talent and BSXtra was mostly for getting the latest in-house picture or video content.

This extra naughty side was best displayed by Babenation girls favourites from night shows like:

Babenation Top Babes

Lori Buckby: Lori, who has famously worked more naked hours on Babenation than any other babe in the show's history, could be counted on to start the show during the first 30 minutes on Freeview and then come back at midnight for the second exciting, longer Freeview segment, which kept us watching until the show ended.

Georgie Darby: Georgie loves to be the dirtiest dirtbag you've ever had phone sex with thanks to her distinctive sex chat. You'll get along with her like a house on fire if you approach her with the same dirt-bag attitude, and you might even be able to help her "fill her bucket,"

Tiffany Chambers: "The Body" of Babestation - Tiffany was one of the first models to appear on live babeshows. She made Babenation her home for more than ten years, appearing alongside Dani O'Neal, Charlie C, and other babestation babes.

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Sky: 906

Freeview: 194

Virgin: 981

Virgin 2: 982

or Watch online

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