Do you have more game than a Babestation Model?

4 months ago

Do you have more game than a Babestation model? Yes. Yes you do. Here we hear of of our top models best pick up lines! How would the brunette Atlanta Moreno approach you in a club? What would Nicole Snow say to woo you? How would the redhead Alexa Brooke get in your pants? The answer to each of these question is the same; by coming up with the cringiest chat up lines imaginable. It's lucky these girls have big tits, nice feet and gorgeous faces otherwise they would never get laid with some of these howlers! Even Aemilia Fox comes in with the cringe. Something about MacDonalds and Burger King. Guess you better watch the clip to find out! Or do yourself a favour and go private with these babes and hear these lines first hand. At least that way you can buzz their Vibratoy to shut them up of they get too much!

Featured Babes: Atlanta Moreno,Aemelia Fox,Nicole Snow,Alexa Brooke

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