Maxie Rhoads and Brooksie Brookes Quizmasters

5 months ago

Maxie Rhoads and Brooksie Brooks show off their intellectual prowess in this battle of minds! These hot babes with big tits and even bigger brains answer questions that would challenge even Stephen Hawkins, like; How many films are in the MCU, and How many UK Prime Ministers have there been in the past 10 years? How well are these beautiful models going to fare? We see a different side to them, no naked action or explicit chat, just good wholesome fun for after your wank when you can't be asked to take your hand off your junk. To see more of these babes, go private, where you can see them twerk, roleplay and finger in addition to all sorts of other naughtiness!

Featured Babes: Maxie Rhoads,Brooksie Brooks

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