Karolina Francesca and Ruby Mae React to News!

about 1 month ago

Imagine living in a sleepy Irish village when three smoking hot Babestation models rock up and cause a controversy. Well that's exactly what happened when a case of mistaken identity led to the line to the Babe channel getting mixed up with that of a small office in this village. Ruby Mae and Karolina Francesca both react to this news report as the superstars, Vicky Narni, Priya Young and Alexa Brooke rock up. Usually dressing in skimpy underwear, PVC or head to toe in nothing, this time they're not in their usual attire, but in rain coats. This story is so surreal that the big tit babes Ruby and Karolina question if it's even a real news report. Watch the full video to see how the locals react to the grand entrance of the hot models.

Featured Babes: Vicky Narni,Ruby Mae,Alexa Brooke,Priya Young,Karolina Francesca

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