Celebrity Swipe with Amber Paige, Hannah Sofia & Anna Lei!

14 days ago

Hannah Sofia, Anna Lei and Amber Paige all take put in a fun, Celebrity Swipe Game Show! Where our big ass babes swipe on celebs, deciding whether or not they would smash! How's Post Malone fairing up against Jeff Bezos and Scarlett Johansson? Does Ellen DeGeneres have a chance with these hot babes? Is Amber the pickiest babe out there? All and most will be answered in the next 11 minutes as eat up this bite size chunk of content that will give you an insight to the preferences and attitudes of the babes! The two brunette girls and the blonde las get into detail on what they prefer in a partner, whether they like a mature man, a curvy las, or just a funny bloke. After watching the video, check out the models private option for toy play, fingering and foot fetish play!

Featured Babes: Amber Paige,Anna Lei,Hannah Sofia

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