Maxie Rhoads & Zeena Valvona Play Shag/Marry/Kill

5 months ago

Okay. If Thor, Starlord and Captain America don't stand a chance with these curvy girls, what are the rest of us to do?! Maxie Rhoads and Zeena Valvona break hearts as they play Shag-Marry-Kill. The dynamic duo have to make judgement calls on which is the best Chris, the standard of the kings fingering game, and which 2000's cartoon character they'd let pound the pussy. Exotic, naturally big titty babe, Zeena Valvona and beautiful tattooed babe Maxie Rhoads have their pick of the litter as they chat shit about Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos' tiny cocks. Fortunately for Jeff, the babes love a guy with a big phat wallet so he takes the prize in that category, but what do our models think when faced with Harry Potter stars, Doctors and the cast of Breaking Bad! Only way to find out is by watching the full video right here! Also get on a private show with each of these babe to tell them what you think of their choices!

Featured Babes: Maxie Rhoads,Zeena Valvona

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