In The Booth - Episode 2 - Does Size Matter

about 1 month ago

Does size matter? The question that has plagued men throughout history. The ancient Greeks managed to convince themselves that it was all about the teeny weenies, but when you ask your partner, she exclaims that you're the perfect size, with a smirk in her eyes and her tongue in cheek. Well, all your questions are about to be answered, in this episode of In The Booth! We have a star-studded cast of British sex cam stars; Annie Mae, Mikaela Witt, Layla Rose, Jamie Knight, April Jones, Amber Phoenix, Megan Rox, Ivy Black, and Millie Turner all give their input on the contentious matter. Find out if your favourite curvy babe or Teen (18+) model would be happy with your shlong, or if your manhood just isn't enough to keep her happy. European babe Jamie Knight loves a big cock, where as tattooed babe Megan Rox thinks there is definitely such thing as too big. Watch now boys!

Featured Babes: Annie Mae,Mikaela Witt,Layla Rose,Jamie Knight,April Jones,Amber Phoenix,Megan Rox,Ivy Black,Millie Turner

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