Atlanta Moreno turns on Microwave.

about 1 month ago

Atlanta Moreno is well known as one of the most flexible babes at Babestation, along side the likes of Sabrina Jade. But functionally, what does that flexibility do? Yes, it makes Atlanta one of the best models to what in a private show, with her moves enough to get any dick hard. And yes, it means you're guaranteed to get a great angle of Atlanta Morenos naked body, whatever angle you ask for, she can do it. And Yes, it makes her footjobs incredible, with no risks of a unfortunate, and painful, slip. But up until today, I had no idea just how useful being this flexible can be for your everyday life. I've watched this clip dozens of times, and only a couple of times were to wank. The others were to learn the ways of; awkwardly opening a cupboard with my foot, Awkwardly doing make-up, and most impressively; awkwardly switching on a microwave. Truly incredible stuff for this big ass, big boob redhead.

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