The life of a sex worker in the past was very pathetic. You have seen in many movies how these women used to get exploited by rich men and they would get paid so less that it was hard to keep up with the growing inflation rate. But, things changed a bit since porn became mainstream as many sex workers that used to work as prostitutes got a new source of income in various porn movies.

The lifestyle of these sex workers improved drastically after they started shooting pictures of naked women. However, after retiring from the industry, many former porn stars opened their mouth and revealed some dark secrets of the porn industry that you should know. And, in one of those secrets, they have pointed out the abysmal health condition of the porn stars. Many of them suffer from diseases due to porn.

Also, many have said that they bear mental baggage that will be hard to get rid of in the coming years. That is why many porn stars are pivoting away from regular porn work like pictures of naked women. Furthermore, the lockdown period helped both prostitutes and porn stars to identify a new career path because at that time, porn shootings came to a halt and everyone suffered huge losses.

That is when porn stars and other sex workers discovered a better way of doing sex work without getting exploited and without the scare of catching an STD. Yes, they found out about live sex cams. Many hot new babes like Emma Evelyn joined live sex cams and since then, many sex workers have pivoted to live sex cam sites. Here is why they found that live sex cams are the best option for sex workers.

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The Flexibility of the Work

One of the biggest advantages of working in the live sex cam industry is the flexibility of the work. Even in shooting pictures of naked women, sex workers and porn stars had to spend hours in order to get everything right in those videos and pictures and the workload was immense.

Also, they were not getting paid to work that harder. And, that is why everything seemed to be blurry in front of their eyes because there was no end to their road of suffering. But, as a saviour to them came live sex cam sites where they can work whenever they wanted and how much they wanted.

Scalability of the Work

According to various sources, most porn stars get paid around $500 for each scene and if they have to do something extravagant, then their pay would rise. Now, this is a very less amount of money than you would expect porn stars to earn. Even many prostitutes in brothels earn more than that.

So, they were struggling very much to increase their earning and that’s where sex cam sites came in as a help to these sexy babes. Now, they can work as much as they want and they can also earn a lot of money demanding on the audience they have and the number of hours she was willing to work.

Safety of the Work

As you know many sex workers work in very bad conditions. Also, they should be doing regular STD tests but due to the nature of the work and the amount of money they earn, they just cannot afford to do that. The same is with porn stars as production houses don’t care whether porn stars are in healthy condition or not. What they want only are pictures of naked women.

But, with live sex cams, most women are not coming in direct contact with other men and women and as a result, they are much safe than ever before right now and that is why they prefer working in live cam sites rather than working in the porn industry or brothel.

The Bottom Line

Finally, when you watch pictures of naked women, you don’t understand the miserable conditions under which these beautiful women work. But, sex cams have become a great substitute for them because of the above-mentioned reasons and you can rest assured, there will be many more porn stars who will pivot to live sex cams in the future.


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