From A Marketing Professional To A Webcam Babe: More Women Turn To Work For The Sex Industry To Earn More Money

This corona virus pandemic has affected a lot of lives in all parts of the world.  As of writing, it has already claimed 2.85 million lives, and seized 81 million jobs as major industries were forced to close businesses due to the worldwide lockdown. But it is only human nature to do whatever it takes to thrive and survive, especially with a pandemic going on.

Take for example this woman who used to be working in the marketing industry. However, due to the pandemic, lost her regular job. Now, she had to make a huge career change and decided to switch to become a webcam model to make money instead. For anonymity purposes, we’ll call her Roxie, one of the unfortunate people who’ve lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She tried to look for other similar jobs, but she realized there were no marketing positions available. She has finished crossing out job postings from newspapers and online recruitment platforms like LinkedIn, Jobstreet, and JobsDB. Desperate to get a job and get a decent flow of income, she resorted to searching for any available jobs on Facebook. She happen to stumble upon an old friend’s post about the webcamming industry on the social media platform. It was finally when this 27-year-old was motivated and encouraged to become a cam girl. Roxie became enthralled of it quickly because she had always wanted to work in the sex business.


A Fun Experience

In an interview, she expressed how she is having fun with the experience. Although she admitted that it took a while before she got used to the way things are in the webcamming industry. After all, it was a 180 degree shift in career, considering that she used to work in a decent corporate job as a marketing professional.

She confesses to liking the unpredictability of who will tune into her room and the randomness of who will watch her next perform or what their fantasies are. However, she strongly pointed out that what encouraged her to make this her full-time profession is that this job allows her to be her own boss. She is able to handle her own schedule. And without having to submit to anyone superior, she decides on her own will such as what to do and when to stream live.

Just like most webcam girls, Roxie will accept requests, but they are listed along the side of her page with the things she will never do. Although cam girls can select their own outfits, the majority of them use sex toys and lingerie to entice viewers.

Lucky Sundays

Throughout all the seven days of the week, she revealed that she earns the most money on Sundays. This can be attributed to a lot of her patrons who can go online because they are not at work. The most lenient time, on the other hand, is the day before payday since a lot don’t have much money anymore to spend.

Roxie also revealed that she finds it difficult the most to perform in front of the webcam when she has her monthly period. It can get weird and not really pleasing to watch someone stripping off or sexually gratifying herself while she’s menstruating. Although she shared that there are some who is into period sex, but only a lot smaller in number.

In comparison, she can only do online shows for 9-12 hours a week when she is on her monthly period. Otherwise, when she is done through the whole cycle, can go online for 18-24 hours a week. That’s double the number of hours she can please her patrons online when she doesn’t have her period.


Yasmin Karma webcam model
Yasmin Karma

Saying No To Stress

Looking back at her previous marketing job, she remembers how stressful it was. She had to come up with various marketing ideas, make presentations, assess ad campaign data, to name a few. She confesses that she once thought of going back to the marketing industry while doing webcam shows on the side. But given how stressful it can be, she may not be able to balance both jobs at the same time.

She finds having a desk job more stress-triggering than being in front of the camera. Not to mention that she also has to deal with office politics, commuting to work, and having a boss. Roxie also hates the fact that she has to sit at a desk all day long, set hours, and having to worry about performance reviews.

Now that she was able to experience earning for herself and being her own boss, she can’t imagine herself going back to being a corporate slave, doing the work for the company’s benefit.

Fiancé Approved

Roxie is already engaged by the way. But she is quite delighted of the fact that her fiancé shows her the moral support that she needs. As a matter of fact, Roxie revealed that he ever watches her perform in front of the web camera sometimes.

For this sensational cam girl, bringing someone’s penis into camming makes it more difficult to manage logistically. She shared that when her partner has already reached orgasm, he needs to take a quick break. And while he is on a rest, she has to keep it erected for quite some time. What her fiancé does it watch her perform in front of her patrons online sometimes. She reveals that he gets aroused of the idea of her girlfriend getting naughty on cam.

Roxie exposed that she has graduated from a reputable university and has a total of six years of experience working for a top marketing and retail companies. As a first-class degree holder herself and with her extensive experience, she could confidently land any regular employment in those industries, especially now that that these businesses are slowly bouncing back.

However, what is important for her nowadays, is being able to do something that she actually enjoys, and in return, earning a decent sum of money from it to support her dependents, her lifestyle, and be able to prepare for her life with her future husband.

“I’m doing this because it works for me and I actually enjoy it,” Roxie explained.


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