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option one podcast

The first episode of the new Option One podcast promises to be an exciting one for all the Babestation fans out there. The gorgeous and talented Zoe Grey, who has been the Babestation Babe of the Month, graces the show and shares her stories of working in the industry.

In the interview, Zoe reveals how she got started with Babestation Cams and what she likes about it compared to other cam sites. But the most interesting part of the interview is when Zoe talks about the strangest request she’s ever had on cam. It seems like working in the adult industry can be hilarious at times.

Interviewed by the Daily Star for the launch of the podcast Zoe says how she likes to have sex with men while her boyfriend is at work! The saucy model opened up about her swinging lifestyle on the Option One Podcast which you can watch here.


option one podcast

Zoe said: “So a lot of the time we like to go to sex clubs. We do a lot of couple swapping.

Asked how they opted against monogamy in the first place, Zoe explained: “It came out very early on when we were chatting and dating.

“It started with him, he likes the idea of watching me and it started along that route.

“I would say a fairly cuckold kind of a relationship. He would watch me and I would see people while he was at work and send him pictures and videos.

Babestation Babe of the Month

Interviewed for the Babe of the Month award Zoe was asked how she got started with BS Cams and what do you like about it compared to other cam sites?

Zoe Grey: So I met the absolutely beautiful Jennifer Wilde on a photoshoot and she had not long started, she was telling me how good it is and how it’s a great place to work so thought I would give it a try, I had been thinking about it for a while and it really gave me the push to apply.

Babestation: What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had on cam?

Zoe Grey: The first thing that comes to mind when I get asked this is someone asked me to be Kylie Minogue, I’ve had some funny ones over the months but this always what comes to my mind first lol.

Zoe was proud to star in the first episode of the new Option One podcast where she talks open relationships, her first shoot in the industry and does a domination demo on the host, Sam Riseley. Make sure you give this a watch or listen to get an insight what it is like to be a model working at Babestation.

option one podcast

Apart from her Babestation work, Zoe is known for her boy/grey scenes for top American Porn Studio Brazzers. Zoe shares some interesting details about that as well. But the most exciting part of the podcast is when Zoe talks about her experiences with open relationships and does a demo on the host, Sam Riseley.

It’s a rare peek into the life of a Babestation model and something you won’t find anywhere else. So make sure to listen to the Option One podcast and check out Zoe’s Babestation gallery for more stunning photos of this gorgeous model.

Check out Zoe Grey’s sexy in stocking pics in the Babestation gallery.



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