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Do you have an interest in discovering what happens behind the scenes at Babestation? Or perhaps you’re seeking some exciting entertainment. In any case, our comprehensive A-Z guide to everything Babestation has you covered. Whether it’s the popular models such as Dionne Mendez and Daisy Dillon, the origins of provocative conversation, or even…Dating?, we’ve included it all. Take a moment to unwind and prepare to explore the realm of Babestation with us. Lastly, we have a special surprise that will undoubtedly make your night memorable.

Dionne Mendez topless
Dionne Mendez


Babestation has been captivating audiences for more than twenty years with its unique TV programming style. It is broadcasted live on Sky, Freeview, and Virgin, making it the largest live British sex cam provider in the UK, offering a new level of interactivity. From traditional TV models to a new generation of attractive women such as Megan Rox and Tanya Tate, Babestation offers the finest selection of British porn stars. The hidden camera angles and glamorous content have made it a popular UK webcam sex model. Viewers can enjoy the sexiest TV and the most affordable phone sex in the UK with Babestation. In this series, we will explore the A to Z of Babestation, providing an unprecedented look into the world of adult chat television.

D for Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez squeezes her tit

Dionne Mendez, a former Babestation babe and television host, shifted from glamour modeling to presenting on TV. Her attractive appearance and lively demeanor endeared her to fans. Recently, she has gained popularity among supporters, providing a fresh interactive experience for VIP members. With her distinctive style, she has revamped traditional TV modeling and brought a new perspective to the UK adult chat TV channel. Alongside other British personalities, Dionne Mendez has expanded the live sex cam provider industry, establishing Babestation as a primary choice for live cam performers.
The girl was quite formidable. At times, she would enter through the double doors, remove her large trench coat, and be dressed in Dominatrix attire. As a young man at that time, I must admit I was truly scared of her. However, when she spoke to you, you would realize that she was actually quite delightful. She was a kind, intelligent, and considerate individual who wished for everyone’s happiness. Dionne was someone you simply did not want to upset. We anticipated our former Producer informer to find this amusing, but he did not.

D for Dirty Talk

Preeti and Priya doing phone sex
Preeti and Priya phone sex

Dirty talk is an essential part of the Babestation live experience, with models such as Megan Rox, Preeti, Priya, and Tanya Tate engaging in live sex chat for VIP members. Babestation, a UK television channel, offers a unique style of adult chat programming featuring British porn stars and live cam girls, including new generation models like Atlanta Moreno. The channel provides secret camera angles, sexy TV, and affordable phone sex, making it the UK’s leading live sex cam provider.

It seems that it all began in France, with phone numbers featured in adult magazines and similar publications. I only became a part of the company later on, by which time Babestation was already on the air. Surprisingly, the original concept of the show was based on a computer game, which explains the name Babe-station. Initially, it involved women in revealing outfits playing games. However, the turning point came when a viewer requested to see the women’s breasts, leading to an unexpected reveal on live television. It’s important to note that this was all happening on the Game Network at the time. From that moment on, the rest is history. Appreciatively, it’s safe to say that it was a pivotal moment.

D for Dating

Babestation podcast episode 10, dating Priya

Some previous editions of Babestation were not limited to the Babestation premises. The production company responsible for the explicit adult program also used to create live TV dating shows like Text2Date.

“The show ran I think till about 2008. At the time it was really popular and so the natural move was to bring the odd Babestation girl in for a bit of presenting. It worked well, although Text2Date was on much earlier so there were never any tits or ass, just curves.”

The original concept of the show involved individuals submitting their profiles via SMS or MMS, and potential dates contacting a short code to listen or read the profiles. If there was mutual interest, the recipient would be notified, and they could then pursue dating if it was a match.

“It was a lovely idea actually. Nothing new but having a TV babe channel behind it to guide the viewers through the experience just lent that little extra legitimacy to the service. Apparently we matched quite a few people.”

D for Daisy Dillon

Daisy Dillon Purple lingerie
Daisy Dillon

Daisy Dillon is a prominent figure at Babestation, where she engages audiences with her distinctive approach to adult chat television. Having joined the adult entertainment industry a few years back, she has risen to become a popular webcam model in the UK, known for her timeless TV glamour. Viewers tuning in to Babestation to see Daisy Dillon can expect an immersive experience, characterized by discreet camera angles showcasing the models and the live performances of cam girls. Beyond her work at Babestation, Daisy Dillon actively interacts with her fans, particularly VIP members, providing them with a special and personalized level of engagement.

And to finish…

Get a preview of our upcoming article, which will guide you through the world of the letter E, showcasing a variety of Babestation offerings. Explore everything from the distinctive TV programming style to the timeless models and the new generation of attractive individuals – there’s something for everyone.

Babestation has solidified its status as a top choice for UK television audiences, with an emphasis on the leading live sex cam provider in the UK and a superior lineup of British porn stars.


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