Exploring the World of Foot Fetishism on Studio66 TV

We understand that everyone has their own unique interests, and for some of you, it might be feet. And that’s okay! For those of you who want to indulge in your love for feet, we recommend checking out Studio66KINK on YouTube. The channel features Studio66 TV Babeshow Babes and their feet. You can watch as Thai Thai, Abigail Monroe, Teejay, Reed Amber, Sexy Becky Roberts, Mikaela Witt show off their pretty feet and indulge in foot massages with different creams.

One of the longest running threads on the babechannel forums is about feet on the babe channels.


The channel is devoted exclusively to foot fetish content and offers an array of porn videos for its users. In addition, it provides live phone sex services, phone sex options, cam shows, login access to rampant TV and red light central channels, young harlots porn videos, and dirty secrets for masturbation enthusiasts.

What is Studio66 TV?

Studio66 TV was a UK television babe channel featuring live shows with models and hosts engaging in various acts. It includes subchannels like Studio66KINK for those interested in fetish content

Studio66 TV’s subchannel Studio66KINK is a treasure trove for those with a feet fetish. The YouTube channel features gorgeous models from the babeshow lineup who showcase their pretty toes in various ways. Watch them rub and massage their feet with moisturizing cream and explore your foot fetish desires to the fullest! With so much exciting content available on this YouTube channel, it’s no wonder that it has amassed a huge following over time. Indulge in some foot play fun today!

Thai Marder, a Studio66 TV model, has the cutest little feet which were playfully spy’d all day long in the studio. Her adorable presence makes her an instant fan favourite among foot lovers. One of Studio66KINK’s YouTube videos showcases Thai Marder’s pretty feet in a captivating way, offering a unique experience for those interested in foot fetish content. Known as Thai Thai on Babestationcams.



Serena May demonstrates her sassiness with a gentle foot rub using moisturising cream.

Serena May, one of the most popular babes on TV channel Studio66, sashays up to us and flaunts her delightful feet. She is cheerful as she massages them with moisturizing cream, displaying an impressive level of attention to detail that dedicated feet lovers are sure to appreciate. Check out her Babestationcams profile

Abigail Monroe allows us to watch as she applies cocoa butter cream onto her pretty feet…

Abigail Monroe, one of the models featured on the Studio66KINK YouTube channel, has become popular among foot lovers due to her pretty feet and the routine she follows during live streams where she applies cocoa butter cream onto them. Her fans appreciate the attention to detail she pays while taking care of her feet. Babestaion profile.


Bananas, strawberries, mango, pineapple

She has some fun playing with her favourite fruits such as bananas, strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples. This model seems to enjoy getting messy while making a sensual display with the fruits she picked out herself.


loves her feet being cleaned so she made sure to keep them dirty for all you tongue slaves!

Teejay, a model on Studio66 TV, indulges in the pleasures of having her feet cleaned by keeping them delightfully dirty for all the tongue slaves out there. Cam with TeeJay

Georgie Darby

Anastasia Harris

Seduces us as she rubs and massages smooth cocoa butter moisturiser on her pretty feet.

Reed Amber

This video by Reed Amber, from Studio66 TV, captures her first shoe dangle practice followed by a size 5 foot rub using creamy moisturizer. I

Sexy Becky Roberts

Has a huge foot fan base and all because of her tiny size 3 feet! Not to mention those killer heels

Becky Roberts from Studio66 TV has gained immense popularity among foot fetish enthusiasts because of her tiny size 3 feet and killer heels.

Mikaela Witt

Mikaela Witt, a well-known personality on Studio66KINK, received an intimate foot massage from our very own Reed and Amber while lying down on a bed.

UK Babe Channels on TV

Discover the erotic world of UK babe channels catering to adult entertainment with a focus on foot fetish content. Explore different TV channels such as Xpanded TV along with popular ones like Babestation and Studio66 TV. From the big boobs of Ashley Emma to young Harlots like Preeti teasing you live with rampant tv or indulging in foot fetish phone sex and sexting with dirty secrets cam girls like Caty Cole– everything is just a login away! Find porn videos featuring Alice or indulge in masturbation chat with your favourite models like Mikaela Witt.

Babestation TV

Babestation is an adult entertainment channel based in the UK that features live shows with models and hosts. Check out the VIP membership area for XXX foot jobs, feet during sex, foot worship, sexually arousing high heels babes liek Alice Goodwin, Atlanta Moreno.

Studio66 S66cams

Studio66 is a well-known UK babe channel that caters to a diverse audience with its variety of content. Studio66 TV has a significant following among foot fetish enthusiasts due to its regular foot fetish shows.

Ella Jolie

Xpanded Tv

Xpanded TV is your go-to destination for high-quality adult entertainment. This popular UK babe channel offers live shows, phone chat with sexy models, and a wide range of content that includes lingerie modeling, adult chat, and fetish shows.

What is Foot fetish?

Foot fetishism is a sexual preference for feet or footwear, which is more prevalent in men and who have a sexual interest in feet. It encompasses various elements such as touch, smell, and the appearance of feet.



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