This blog is for the scholars, the historians and anybody who likes to take a look back to the early days of the babe channels, particularly the early days of Elite TV, (now of coarse, known as Studio 66) and find out who was appearing on their live babeshows.  So for this Studio 66 Schedule blog we take a deep dive in to this Babeshow forum thread, for all the schedules we could find from those first 4 years….and then we added one extra as it gets a little sporadic after the 2014 point.

Tuesday 6th April 2010 Studio 66 Schedule

  • 29th NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship: Connecticut beats Stanford, 53-47; UConn forward Maya Moore scores 23 points

Morning: Sophia Lares
Daytime: Anna Lovato, Michelle Chase
Nighttime: Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels, Kitty Lea, Mica Martinez

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Wednesday 6th April 2011 Studioe 66 Schedule

  • 46 BC Julius Caesar defeats Caecilius Metellus Scipio and Marcus Porcius Cato (Cato the Younger) in the battle of Thapsus.
  • 1917 US declares war on Germany, enters World War I

And on the babeshows…

Morning – Hannah Martin,Melissa D
Daytime –Alice Goodwin, Gemma Hiles, Rachel Louise
Nighttime -Charlie O’Neal, Dionne Daniels, Paige Green

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Friday 6th April 2012 Studio 66 Schedule

  • US F-18 Hornet crashes into side of apartment building in Virginia with no fatalities and on that very same night on Studio 66:

Morning – Daisy Watts & Lucy-Anne Brooks
Daytime – Becky Roberts, Caitlin Wynters & Cara Brett
Nighttime – Alexis Texas, Ashley Emma, Caty Cole, Gracie Lewis & Paige Turnah

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Saturday 6th April 2013 Studio 66 Schedule

  • 166th Grand National: Ryan Mania wins aboard 66/1 Auroras Encore for trainer Sue Smith.  Later that night:

Morning – Becky Roberts, Carla Brown, Lexi
Daytime – Adele Taylor (10:00-16:00), Hannah Martin, Vicky Thomas
Nighttime – Caty Cole, Clare Richards, Dionne Daniels, Hannah Martin (21:00-22:00), Paige Turnah, Mica Martinez
Webcam – Charlie O’Neal (21:15-23:45), Lilly Roma (23:00-01:30)

(Lilly Roma also appeared on S66Cams and Sexstation during her babeshow years.  Now she can be found on pervcam)

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