As an extra on the set of a huge mainstream movie, I was always excited to see what famous actors and actresses would be walking around on set. The day before I was due to arrive, I was called by my casting agent to say that the scene the following day was going to be a simulated sex scene that required nudity and would I like to take part. I had a pretty hot body so I decided to go for it. My agent told me there would be some porn stars on set and that I should be prepared to see sexy nude women…

When I arrived on set I was sent to the makeup trailer to have oil rubbed all over my body ready for the upcoming scene. I didn’t really see the point in being oiled up seeing as I was only appearing in the background but I didn’t mind having a sexy makeup artist rubbing her hands all over my naked torso. The extras were then lead into to a dimly-lit room and that’s where I spotted Game of Thrones star Sahara Knite. She was wearing a robe and looked stunning in red lipstick and bare feet. The director tells Sahara Knite to lose the robe and choose a guy out of the extras to simulate sex with. To my surprise she picks me. The camera starts rolling and Sahara climbs on top of me and starts making out with me. I stroke her back and slide my hands over her boobs, playing with her nipples. I can already feel my cock starting to get hard and I’m trying to angle my hips away so that Sahara doesn’t feel my hard on. To my surprise she starts grinding against me, her pussy pressing against my hard shaft. I can feel how slippery and wet her pussy is and I imagine what it would be like to be inside her. However I try to remain as professional as possible. Sahara then crawls onto the floor and knees between my legs to simulate a blowjob. She doesn’t seem phased that she’s now face to face with my erect cock. She grabs it with both hands and pretends to suck it. Sadly she didn’t suck me off for real but just feeling her hands grasped around my dick almost made me want to cum. I feel my cock throbbing in her hands and I’m sure she notices it too, as she looks up and winks at me. The director calls ‘cut’ and Sahara slips back into her robe and walks off set. I hastily head to the bathroom to finish off what she started!


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