I love kinky roleplay and fetish fun so after hearing about Ruby Summers’ domination special on Babestation Cams I had to give it a go. I’m very new to the world of kink and I haven’t tried out anything hardcore or extreme but I was feeling very intrigued with the foot worship and domination side of things, maybe with a bit of humiliation and cuckold play thrown on. I was feeling both nervous and apprehensive when Ruby answered my call but after a bit of chatting back and forth she quickly put my mind at ease. Ruby Summers revealed that she is incredibly experienced in the art of tantric massage, feet worship, pegging, spanking and anal G-Spot play. Wow, what a list! I could tell this was going to be the porn experience of a lifetime.

Ruby Summers assured me that she wouldn’t go further than my comfort level so she began by stripping nude and oiling up her sexy naked curves before putting on a more fitting outfit – a latex bra and matching knickers. The latex hugged her figure perfectly and I could see her big tits were bursting to get out of the tight bra. She then ordered me onto my knees where I was to remain for the entirety of our session unless I was instructed otherwise. She shows me her sexy feet and spreads her toes in a sensual way that gets me incredibly aroused. “I’ll put my big toe in your mouth and make you suck it like your sucking a cock”, she says in a commanding tone. “Yes mistress”, I say obediently. She giggles at how pathetic I am and tells me she she’s going to take pictures of me giving her big toe a blowjob so that she can blackmail me with the pics. The thought of being humiliated and blackmailed gets me incredibly excited and I feel an urge to wank my cock. Ruby can see on C2C that my hand is edging towards my cock but quickly puts a stop to it. “Don’t you dare”, she snaps. “I’m going to tease you first”, she says. My cock is aching for Ruby’s touch and she demands I go to my kitchen and pick a smallish phallic shaped vegetable of my choice. Whatever for I wondered? I bring back a medium sized carrot and Ruby tells me to spit on it and bend over with my ass to camera. Mistress Ruby Summers then orders me to slide the carrot up my virgin ass and masturbate my cock at the same time. I ease the carrot into my ass and to my amazement it actually feels really good. I wank my cock to Ruby’s JOI instructions as she calls me a sissy boy. I feel like pressure building at the base of my cock and I feel like I might explode. Ruby demands I cum and right on queue I squirt the biggest load I’ve ever squirted in my life, all whilst having anal sex with a carrot! She then gives me CEI and I end the session by telling her I’ll be back soon for more blackmail roleplay and anal fun!


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