There’s now a group that praises premature ejaculators 

Cumming too quickly can be highly embarrassing for a guy and there’s often quite a lot of stigma surrounding premature ejaculation. However that’s all set to change with the help of subreddit r/PositivelyPremature. For many men, blowing their load too early during sex is somewhat of a mortifying moment, but for a select few, cumming quick isn’t just something to be proud of but something to aspire to.

Reddit’s r/PositivelyPremature has over 1,500 members who all believe premature ejaculation should be treated with positivity. The subreddit is dedicated to those who think it’s a good thing for guys to cum fast. The group is aimed at men who cum quickly (or want to cum quickly) and women who like it when their male partners shoot their load early. It’s not intended to be a place for porn so if you’re expecting to see a bunch of premature ejaculation vids you’re going to be disappointed. (Porn fans, check out babestationtube or become a Babestation VIP member for a huge archive of porn pics and videos!)

premature ejaculator
Ashley Emma

The group is a safe space for speed jizzers everywhere and humiliation and embarrassment will not be tolerated. It’s a space for advice, stories and discussion of anything involving premature ejaculation. For most of the group members, the appeal of cumming quickly is related to the idea of a woman being in total control. Many of the posts from females talk about how much they love it when their partner cums too soon because it makes them feel powerful. The women claim that it makes them feel sexy and incredibly skilled in the bedroom.

The most popular post in the group comes from a woman who trains her partners to cum quickly by requiring them to wear thicker condoms and encouraging them to refrain from ejaculating while wearing them. When she does finally have sex with them without a condom she reveals that they cum far more quickly than before. She says:

“No more getting pile-driven into the headboard and given an unwanted facial by the well-hung frat guy or cocky businessman. No, no, these gentlemen are now wrapped around my finger. They dominate in business, but I dominate them. My guy used to gag me with his big cock, fuck me like a fuck toy in the bedroom and shoot his cum wherever he pleased. Now the only place he cums is on the floor or in the condom when I try to roll it on.”

Wow. Sounds like she really knows her stuff. There you have it guys, if you’re a premature ejaculator, wear it with pride!

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