What’s the link between a David Cronenburg series and Babestation’s own Preeti and Priya Young?  You’re about to find out.  Amazon launched its new blockbuster series Dead Ringers on the 21st April starring Rachel Weisz as terrifying sex swapped twins. The series is a sex swap remake of the 1998 David Cronenburg movie starring Jeremy Irons. The concept of swapping the sexes in the plot is undoubtedly intriguing.

The story takes place in a gynecology clinic and a maternity ward, which may seem extreme to those who have not encountered such situations. However, the depiction of blood and gore is not as horrifying as one might expect from a Cronenburg body horror film. Instead, it is only slightly elevated from reality, depicting an ordinarily bad birth experience.

In essence, think of a more stylishly shot, unedited version of One Born Every Minute. This fresh take on Dead Ringers feels remarkably new and empowering, particularly to me in the UK- using Beverly’s favourite word.

Dead Ringers is an exciting beautiful looking series.

Babestation has its own set of twins the gorgeous Young twins Preeti and Priya.

Preeti and Priya Babestation Twins

Preeti and Priya

The brunette twins made their Babestation debut in August 2010 and have been reigning over the babeshows for a decade. Preeti and Priya were both 23-years-old when they joined Babestation, excited to learn about the phone sex and glamour industry.

Despite being new to the job, their first shift was successful, and they received a constant flow of calls from intrigued customers. As time passed, it became apparent that Preeti and Priya had what it takes to succeed in this industry. They displayed impressive staying power and a natural talent for entertaining their callers. Their early success was just the beginning of their journey towards becoming well-known figures in the world of adult phone chat and glamour.

Ever since becoming the top performers at Babestation, the duo has been flourishing in their career.  On screen, the sisters were often dressed in coordinating attire such as lace lingerie, stockings, suspenders, and costumes for roleplaying. The pair became known as the Tantric Twins.

They have even made appearances on popular TV programs such as “My Mum’s Hotter Than Me.” Following the broadcast of the episode, the media was captivated by these stunning twin sisters and their attractive mother, resulting in extensive coverage in tabloid newspapers.


Priya Young Indian Model Creator and Influencer

Priya Young

Priya would frequently engage in 2-4-1 phone sessions, where she would stimulate her callers with arousing JOI sex talk and share fantasy tales of oral pleasure and genital play. Brunette with a slim figure, big tits and a big ass, Priya Young and her sister gained a lot of attention online and and Instagram for their booty pics and vids. Watch her peeling off her stockings to show off her legs and feet

Despite offers from Pornhub and Brazzers, Priya wasn’t interested happy to work on the babechannels and in recent years developing her onlyfans and social media presence.

Preeti Young Babechannel Legend Instagram Star

Preeti Young

Preeti is a stunning model of Indian and Irish heritage she also clearly takes care of her body and goes to the gym at least three times a week. Preeti’s other passion in life appears to be her dog, a very cute French bulldog; whom she refers to affectionately as her “little baby”

Preeti Young has an epic big ass and incredible figure, if you haven’t interacted with her yet, where have you been? Check out her free video here

Mistress Preeti shows off her live babeshows booty here in a BDSM style outfit and thigh-high boots, as she wants you to jerk-it for her!  Want some bondage JOI video ?

Preeti Young has also featured on other babeshows like Red Light Central & Studio 66, but her spiritual home will always be with us! Preeti Young has always been a gym freak, keeping that big ass of hers nice and toned and keeping the punter’s jaws on the floor. These days, the closest you’ll come to Preeti Babestation porn can be found in the Babestation VIP Members Area, including hardcore solo masturbation videos!


Preeti & Priya BabestationCams

Preeti and Priya

The twins continue to perform on Babestationcams sometimes with their girl girl lesbian shows check out their profile. The twins girl girl shows keep the babe channel fans happy with buzz for buzz and twin buzz specials using the lovense sex toy

“Yes definitely! We can’t wait to do a twin buzz show and it’s been a long time since we did a foot fetish show as well, so all you feet fans out there, keep an eye out for that one.”

Option One Podcast Preeti Young

In this episode, Preeti Young talks about her background and career path while enjoying some food and wine with the host. They also touch upon the Channel 5 documentary “My Mum’s Hotter Than You,” which portrayed Preeti and her twin sister Priya’s lives. The conversation delves into topics such as Preeti’s Indian and Irish heritage, her thoughts on being recognized in public, and dealing with online trolling. If you enjoy candid conversations about personal experiences and cultural identity, this podcast is worth a listen.

Preeti and Priya Customer reviews

Lots of reviews for the twins on the popular babeshow forum.

Priya looked fantastic in her lingerie last night & was mind-blowingly hot and incredibly sexy including more fantastic views of her magnificent arse gyrating away 

Agree, Priya was looking fantastic all night in and out of her lingerie and was on excellent form including plenty of her bent over gyrating & shaking her magnificent arse Still nothing quite like a naked Priya.

Truly a sight to behold.

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