Pulling up to the car wash I could see a bunch of bikini-clad women giving a black BMW a good soaping. I had never seen such sexy women working at a car wash before so pulled up alongside them and asked if they were new members of staff. They all giggled like I’d just told the funniest joke and they informed me that they are washing cars in their bikinis to raise money for charity. The main organiser of the girls, Nicole Snow, tells me to wind up my windows and enjoy the show.

Nicole Snow is just my type – half Thai, exotic, curvy, tanned and a big pair of boobs. The other women were all stunning too but it was Nicole that my eyes were drawn to. Nicole points a big black hose and my car and squirts water all over it, getting it nice and wet whilst the other girls give my body work a good going over with thick soapy sponges. Nicole presses her big tits against my windscreen and I notice her nipple pop out of her bikini. I feel my cock getting hard but thankfully I’m able to cover it with my long T-shirt. I then watch on in excitement as Nicole and her friends bend over and throw soapy buckets of water all over each other’s asses. Nicole Snow was wearing a white bikini and this is now so wet that it’s gone completely see-through and I can clearly see the shape of her pussy. I can even see that she has a small strip of black hair neatly shaved above her pussy.

She climbs up onto my bonnet and pulls her bikini top off, revealing her incredible boobs. She leans in and kisses the windscreen, just inches away from my face. I feel like she’s making out with me as she presses her big wet soapy tits against my windscreen and twerks her ass. My cock is throbbing and I imagine what it would be like to get a tit wank from this insanely sexy woman. I feel like I’m about to cum in my pants as I watch the girls twerking and splashing each other. Nicole cheekily flashes me her pussy before telling me to drop my cash donation in the bucket and to have a nice day.


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