Over the past 7 days, we’ve had many models log in and perform some super saucy shows. We’ve plucked one model out who has been impressing the masses and stripping off relentlessly! She goes by the name of Lexie Essex, and she’s your Cam Girl of the Week!

Lexie Essex is a fresh face on our site and she’s certainly here to stay. Her 32G enhanced boobs, tiny waist and drop dead gorgeous looks set her apart! When she logs in, she always ends up stripping off in record time. Despite the luscious exterior, Lexie loves to get her hands dirty. She likes exploring the woods, going on fishing trips and hiking around the country. She told us camming is her favourite thing to do and has a massive passion for it!


How long have you been getting naughty on Babestation Cams?
Nearly a month! I’m loving it, I’ve spoken to some really interesting and certainly naughty people on here.

What do you enjoy most about being a Cam Girl?
I enjoy the variety of requests I get from people! During my time camming I’ve learnt about so many kinks and fetishes I didn’t even know about! Some of them I have become incredibly keen on

Which three words describe you best?
Up for anything!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done on Babestation Cams?
I enticed 2 of my male and female friends to join me in a show! It got very very wild!

We hear that you like to wear a lot of PVC?
I adore PVC and Latex outfits, the way it hugs my curves makes men instantly excited. I also love sky high heels and boots.

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
I think I ticked everything off my sexual bucket list by the age of 21!

Do you have a fetish?
I have so many different fetishes, come and chat to me on Cam and you’ll most definitely find out exactly what they are.

What do you look for in a man?
I enjoy two very different types of men. I love a strong, assertive man who can dominate me. I must say, not many men fall into this category because I seem to attract a more submissive man. Somebody who will explore his darkest fantasies with me and let me make him weak to my womanly charms.

If there were a Babestation Cams party, which babes would you be partying with?
I would definitely be partying with absolutely everyone because they all look like they’d be up for a very fun and naughty evening.

What is your hidden talent?
I can hold a wine glass between my boobs and drink out of it!

What’s an interesting fact about you?
I have two children….my first born is my beautiful pug Frank, my second born are my Louboutin heels

Does dirty talk turn you on?
YES! I love a man who isn’t afraid to tell me exactly what he wants to do to me.

Are you fan of spanking?
Yes! The harder the better! The more intense the better the feeling

Have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time?
Now that would be telling

What is a big turn off in men for you?
Closed minded people, I think everyone should try something once!

Can you remember the first porno you watched?
I can! It was a girl or girl video, it was so memorable.

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What is the best sexual compliment you’ve received?
Being told that I am absolute filth, it really turns me on to hear that, keep the compliments coming!

What’s your favourite sexual position?
I love doggy because it’s so rough and hits all the right spots. I don’t have a least favourite position, sex for me is fun in every possible way!

Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
I love it at night, I am much more energetic in the evenings! Mornings are not a very good time for me as it takes me a while to get with it.

What do guys on Cam usually ask of you?
They usually ask to hear about my previous sexual experiences, it turns them on finding out what a nympho I really am.

How often do you think about sex?
Hourly, and if I’m on Cam then it’s pretty much always in my head!

Does penis size really matter?
Not for me personally! There’s a lot of different ways to please me

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
A relaxing bath, pampering myself and doing my hair and make up whilst dancing around naked.

Do you sleep naked?
Yes! Unless I am cold, in which case I’m a t-shirt and no knickers kind of girl!

Do you like watching porn?
I do! Girl on girl is a massive turn on. I am also in awe of girls who can squirt!

Do you use sex toys on yourself?
I love my vibrator, I’ve got carried away a few times and spent half my day enjoying myself with it and getting nothing else done!

What makes you wet without fail?
Something very simple. deep passionate kissing!