I had always considered myself a straight woman until I hit 18 and started experimenting with my friends in uni halls. My friend Becca was the first one to ignite my lesbian fantasies after we shared a bath together whilst nursing a hangover. We starting comparing boobs and as she prodded my nipple in a jokey like fashion something went off inside me and the same must have happened for Becca because we started making out in the bath which then moved into the bedroom. Becca and I continued our friendship with benefits for several years until I met a guy and got married.  I never told my husband Matt about my lesbian college dalliances but I’d often think of Becca and if I ever watched porn it would always be lesbian porn. One night I awoke to faint sounds coming from downstairs. My husband wasn’t next to me so I tiptoed downstairs to see where he was. When I saw him I couldn’t believe what I was witnessed – Matt with his cock in his hand wanking over a woman on his laptop.

It wasn’t even a porn film he was watching, he was actually webcamming with another woman. Matt jumped up startled saying he was sorry but instead of getting annoyed at Matt I found myself gazing at the sexy inked brunette on his screen. She looked shocked too at the fact that I had just caught my husband with his pants down so she suggested she hang up and leave us alone to talk. Matt’s jaw hit the floor when I suggested she stick around. I tell cam girl Kayleigh Wanless that she’s stunning and that I’d love to suck her big tits. Matt is stunned. He can’t believe what his wife is saying. Kayleigh seems to be getting off on it too and starts to strip naked, pussy on full display. I’m sitting down on Matt’s computer chair staring at a nude Kayleigh Wanless when I feel Matt’s hands slide over my shoulder and over my body. He slides his hand down my knickers and begins to make small circular movements on my clit. He knows how much I love that. Kayleigh rubs her pussy and demands that Matt eat my pussy whilst I look at Kayleigh and imagine it’s her. Matt kneels in front of me, pulling my panties to the side as he starts fingering me and sucking on my clit. I’m watching Kayleigh Wanless the entire time, imagining it’s her tongue on my pussy and not my husband’s. The thought of this lesbian fantasy coming true is too much to take and as my husband slips a finger up my ass I erupt and squirt all over my husbands face. I lay panting in the chair whilst Matt and Kayleigh Wanless finish off by cumming together as she simulates a blowjob on a realistic dildo. I think we’ll be setting up regular couples cam sessions from now on!


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