One thing we at Babestation Cams HQ want to do with our new blog is feature one performer each week as our Cam Girl of the Week; and the initial honour goes to Jasmin Marie!

So what is Cam Girl of the Week? Well, we surf through our sea of sexy cam girls and pick one of the most in-demand babes of the past week. We’ll give you an in-depth interview and profile on them, so you can get to know them a lot better! Also, we will of course be providing you with some brand new pictures and videos of the girl! So here we go, presenting Jasmin Marie!

Jasmin Marie joined the Babestation just over 4 months ago and she’s been with a hit with the guys ever since! Beginning her modelling career only 2 years ago, Jasmin was featured in Zoo Magazine and overseas publication Photodromm. After spotting her as an applicant on our Babestation Cams site, we decided we just had to invite her in the studio and feature her on our TV shows!

Jasmin is loving her time at Babestation, she enjoys the relaxed and fun environment and sees herself here for years to come. Before she exploded onto the glamour scene, Jasmin Marie was working in the hair & beauty industry as a hairdresser in various salons. No wonder her hair is always on fire! Having worked in the glamour industry for a while now, Jasmin feels there is a fair bit of prejudice toward it, but she wants to assure you that she’s a kind and open minded girl who would help anybody.

When Jasmin isn’t on cam you’ll probably find her in the gym, she tries to go everyday to keep her body tight and in shape (as you can probably tell). Jasmin is also an avid horse rider; she’s been riding since the age of 5 and says it’s a huge part of her life. As well as hitting the gym and riding horses, Jasmin is a self confessed shopping addict. She’s forever buying new outfits, shoes and make up etc. Jasmin used to be a big party animal back in the day, but now prefers to sit at home with a cup of tea, the clubbing days seem to be over… she said all the fun is over on Babestation Cams!


How long have you been on Babestation?
I joined just over 4 months ago, I love every minute of it! Being in front of the camera is where I need to be…with my clothes off of course.

What other babe channels have you worked for?
Years ago I did appear on other babe channels a few times, but I much prefer the fun vibes of Babestation!

What do you enjoy most about being a cam girl?
Meeting new guys! Finding out about their different fantasies and fetishes really interests me. Some of the fetishes I’ve heard I didn’t even know existed! One guy said he wanted me to do yoga stretches, he got well off on it. I love hearing about all types of erotic fantasies.

What outfits do you usually wear on cam?
I’m usually in a naughty set of underwear but most of the time I end up fully naked after about 5 minutes! If a guy has any outfit requests, I’m more than happy to please him. Most guys prefer me naked though

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
Hmm I’ve knocked a fair few things off my sex bucket list recently…but I would love to have sex with Anthony Joshua! I think I could go 12 rounds with him. It would be a knockout! Ding ding!

Do you have a fetish?
I love to be the dominant. I want to be in control and boss my guy about. I do it a lot of the time when I’m on cam. Making a guy follow my orders makes me really horny.

Do you like watching porn?
I watch a lot of lesbian porn, I don’t even know why! I may be bisexual, I’m not sure. There’s just something about lesbian porn which turns me on. When I was 18, my ex boyfriend made me watch it and since then I’ve been hooked on it. Maybe I am bisexual…who knows.

What do you look for in a man?
For me, I need a man who I can have a bit of banter with! A good sense humour with a kind personality are the first two things I look for. Maybe you could make me giggle?

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?
Not yet, I’m going on holiday soon… but with my mum! So I don’t think I’ll be a member any time soon! Never say never though

What’s your favourite sexual position?
It has to be cowgirl! Like I said, I need to be in control, so I have to be on top. Doggy style is probably my second favourite.

Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
At night and all night. I usually finish up in the early hours, so you could class that as the morning right?

What do guys on cam usually ask of you?
Twerk twerk twerk! They all want to see me shake my ass, I’m pretty good at it so that’s probably why.

Is it the size of the hammer? Or the guy swinging it?
The guy swinging it. Sometimes the size of the hammer can help, but you need to know how to swing it.

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
I always put some music on before to get me into the mood. I usually listen to RnB, Hip Hop or Grime, that time of music really gets me ready to perform. I like listening to that music whilst having sex too.

Do you sleep naked?
Yes, always. I’ve tried sleeping with pyjamas and underwear on but I always end up taking them off!

Screamer or a Moaner?
Most of the time I’m a moaner, long and intense moans. Only certain guys can make me scream. When I do scream, you’ll know about it

What makes you wet without fail?
Straight up dirty talk gets me nice and wet. Some of the guys who chat to me on cam get me really moist! How would you talk dirty to me?

Jasmin Marie is available all the time on Babestation Cams. If you want to have private cam chat with her, just keep track of her on her cam profile.