In Autum 2009 when Georgie Darby first began at Babestation, she started out as a daytime presenter. Appearing under the name of Georgina D.  Georgie previously had a decent profile prior to moving into babe channel work, and there appeared to be little uncertainty that she’d demonstrate a famous resource for Cellcast. With Page 3, Mayfair Magazine and Playboy appearances to her name, Georgie was set to turn into an babe channel ‘it girl’ in 2010.

Georgie Darby


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While Georgie never appeared on any XXX rated shows on Babestation in 2009, she made her night show and Freeview debut that year on the evening of 14th to 15th December. Showing up next to Alex Adams at the introduction of Babestation Xtra’s Channel 96 show soon after 1am, Georgie presented, yet communicated that it would be “one year from now” before she’d engage in the naughty side of things. What’s maybe the most perceptible when you glance back at the recording from that presentation, is the level of refined Georgie displays in her presentation style as she introduced herself. Her inflection was unique – a lot posher, but still sounding totally normal and not at all phony.

Georgie Darby

Georgie Darby’s First Night on Babestation

There were, nonetheless, prompt traces of the frenzy to come, when Georgie set out on an account about filling somebody’s pot with bacon and disseminating sausages around their home. She wasn’t seen again on the Freeview night time live babeshows until the evening of 7th to 8th January 2010, when she at last became what she’d presumably depict as a “dirt bag”. Strangely however, she was added to the Babestation evenings moving pic promotion cycle before Christmas 2009, so the designs for Georgie’s transition to evenings were certainly finished well before she began accepting grown-up calls.

Georgie Darby

Despite the fact that Georgie left Babestation in 2012 for a brief stint at Studio 66, (then called Elite TV), she returned only a month after the fact, and has stayed at Babestation since the time [Update: She continued on from Babestation toward the finish of March 2014, in this way setting out toward RLC/Playboy TV]. She’s still exceptionally dynamic as a model away from the babe channels and because of her irresistible and entertaining peculiarity, is one of the most memorable TV babes ever.


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