Name: Flo Knight
Age: 27
Height: 5 Foot, 2 Inches
Eye Colour: Green
Breast Size: 34DD

So how did you get into the glamour industry?
Before joining Babestation I actually used to be a bouncer at nightclubs! Whilst on the doors, I used to get a lot compliments from guys, on one occasion a guy from a modelling agency approached me and said I’ve got potential. I gave it a thought, but to be honest, I didn’t think anyone would be interested. Then one night I was watching Babestation, I found it really sexy, I had a look on the website and applied to be an on screen girl. Days later I was in a casting and booked in for shows on TV! I’m a really liberated and sexual person so it’s perfect for me.

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How would you describe your physical appearance?
I’m a curvy girl with a little waist, big boobs and a bigger bum! A lot of my fans are drawn to my ‘juicy thighs’, as they call it ha! I’ve got big eyes and lips, long dark blonde hair and covered in tattoos!

…and your personality?
Always up for a laugh no matter what! I love a bit of banter, I really am a fun girl. I have a dark sense of humour so I end up laughing at things I shouldn’t find funny! I’m flirty and open, there’s no boundaries with me.

What do you get up to outside of Babestation?
I enjoy physical activities like snowboarding, swimming etc. I’m actually jumping out an aeroplane soon! Anything that gives me an adrenaline rush, I’m up for! I’m a very sexual person so I spend a lot of my spare time being naughty.

Tell us more about when you were a bouncer?
So I was a bouncer for 5-6 years, working on and off. I liked interacting with people and I’m a big people watcher, I find people fascinating. Plus, I’ve always been in a clubbing environment so I was basically get paid to party. Whenever there was a conflict in the nightclub, I usually calmed the situation down by talking it out, but on a few occasions I did have to get physical.

How have you found your time at Babestation so far?
I’m loving it! I look up to the likes of Preeti, Priya, Beth and Olivia, being able to work alongside them is crazy! I think to myself ‘wow’!

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What are your thoughts on the glamour industry:
Too many people think it’s a taboo topic, sex is the most natural thing in the world, we are here to be explored!

What should men expect with you on Babestation Cams?
I always aim to please, I never leave a guy feeling frustrated. I’m going to start doing a monthly role play, in which one weekend per month I’ll be dressed in a sexy outfit. It could be a maid, police officer, nurse etc. A lot of guys are really into my feet, so I may explore the foot fetish world more. Like I said, I don’t have boundaries, whatever you request, I’ll give it a go!

What do you look most forward to when you go on Babestation Cams?
Everything! I’m like an excited puppy before I log in. I love it that men are watching me and looking at me, I like to have an audience when I get naughty. That’s why I like private chat, it gets really explicit then and I enjoy myself even more.

What outfits do you have in your wardrobe to wear on Babestation Cams?
I have everything, I call it a Sex Wardrobe! Lots of outfits, lingerie etc. My personal favourite is anything that’s crotchless, that instantly gets me going.

If money was no object, what would you do all day?
I’d be in a hot country, on a yacht, totally naked and being fed grapes and cocktails by hot guys! That’s the dream!

How would your friends describe you?
Sex mad and always up for a party! Great combo ha!

Do you have any funny sex stories?
One time I was having sex, riding the guy on top. I was strangling him with rope and he was strangling me back with his hands. We were really getting into it, both close to orgasming. So I was riding really him hard and ended up tightening the rope without knowing, which ended up accidentally choking him out! I was so close to cumming that I carried on ha! Once he came back around, we laughed about it. I wasn’t going to waste that feeling of orgasming ha!

Wow! Crazy story, do you have any others?
I’ve got loads of sex stories! Once, I was seing this guy who used to be in the army. It was dark in the room, he had me tied up to the bed. He pulled out this black object, I couldn’t see it probably so assumed it was a dildo. It ended up being a taser! So whilst he was fucking me, he was tasering me! It hurt but also felt awesome!