As I boarded the ferry to Calais I felt a pang of excitement mixed with nervousness. I had split up with my girlfriend a month earlier and decided I needed a change so I packed my belongings and rented a farmhouse France, where I would staying for the foreseeable future. The ferry was crowded but thankfully I had booked a private room to escape to. I thought I’d grab a quick beer at the bar on the way to my room and that’s when I saw a sexy woman sitting alone nursing a glass of white wine. I approached her and asked if she would like any company. The woman smiled and spoke in a seductive and erotic french accent: “yes, please sit down”, say said. She introduced herself as French Chloe and we chatted about her nude modelling and phone sex career. She was very flirtatious and as the hours passed I noticed she was getting very touchy feely too.

When I noticed her hand slide over my thigh I thought I’d take my chances by inviting her to my room. To my surprise she said yet. The room was nothing special, just a small cabin bed and a tiny WC in the corner but French Chloe didn’t seem to care. As soon as the door closed behind us she pounced on me and kissed me hard and seductively, her tongue exploring my mouth. I let my hands wander over her fit toned body while fondling her small perky tits and firm ass. She was wearing very tight leather trousers and a silk blouse which she unbuttoned to reveal her perfect boobs. She then pushes me onto the bed and proceeds to perform a slow sensual striptease, teasing her panties to reveal the smallest glimpse of pussy and a full bush. French then lights a cigarette and orders me to eat her pussy whilst she smokes. I found it a huge turn on. I’d never been given orders like this before and I felt like a subservient slave obeying my mistresses command. I lick her hairy pussy as she moans with pleasure and rubs her wetness all over my face. She then kneels on the floor and takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives me the most incredible blowjob I’ve ever had in my life. She really knows how to suck cock. I’m face fucking her sweet mouth when I feel the familiar rush creeping up on me – I blow my hot load all over her tongue and I watch as she laps up every last drop.


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