Being a webcam virgin I wanted my first time to be with an experienced cam model, preferably a MILF or one of Babestation’s top ten cam girls. I was due to go away on a business trip and figured my hotel room would be the perfect time and place to lose my cam virginity. I registered and stared browsing the site to see what kind of hot women were online. Ella Mai immediately caught my eye…

I’ve always loved brunettes and although she wasn’t the mature MILF I was originally looking for, she was absolutely stunning. I entered her private room and she made me feel instantly at ease. I didn’t feel like we struggled with conversation and I think she could tell it was my first time, although she never let on. After getting to know what turns me on she asked about any fetishes and kinks I was into. I told her I loved rimming, anal and pegging and she looked really excited. Ella Mai told me to sit back and relax as she laid back on her bed and started stroking her pussy over her white cotton knickers. Her long legs were spread eagled as she gently stroked her pussy to the point where a wet patch was starting to soak through her knickers. She removes her top and lets a string of spit fall onto her tits. It’s like I’m watching a French porn film. She then pulls her knickers to the side and I notice her pussy lips are wet and glistening. Her labia is parted slightly and I imagine what it would be like to finger her warm wet pussy. She removes her knickers and stuffs them into her mouth, moaning with pleasure at the taste of her own juices. She writhes around naked on her bed and I get a good look at her incredible nude physique. I politely ask her to bend over and she crawls across the bed getting onto all fours, ass up in the air. I’ve got a full POV look at her pussy and ass as I wank my cock, imagining I’m rimming Ella Mai and taking her from behind and fucking her tight snatch. Ella Mai grabs a dildo from under her pillow and slides it between her legs, rubbing the tip of the toy over her clit between her lips. She demands I fuck her in the ass and as she plunges the fleshy dildo into her pussy I squirt a hot load of cum all over my stomach and chest. Ella  Mai looks back at me with the dildo still sticking out of her pussy and gives me a cheeky wink.


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