It’s 2018, a new year, a fresh start, new years resolutions to tick off.. and more filthy babes ready to reveal all of their naughty secrets to you! Over the course of the year, Babestation Cams will be delivering you weekly interviews with the hottest babes. Our first Cam Girl of the Week this year in is a babe who’s new to the site, but she’s already well settled in Your CGOTW is… Elise!

Elise describes herself as the perfect mixture of brains & beauty. She holds multiple academic degrees and is fluent in many languages! Guess what, she’s even a racing driver. She loves to hit the gym, especially the squat rack, her booty is big for a reason. Elise is a busty brunette with curves that makes even the most committed guy have a cheeky perv.

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How long have you been on Babestation Cams? 
Just over 10 weeks now!

What do you enjoy most about being a Babestation Cams Girl? 
I have a highly demanding day job but I’m a natural flirt and love to show my cheeky side. I love getting to know new people, especially when they’re as naughty as me…

Which three words describe you best?
Outgoing, Intelligent, Addictive

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done on Babestation Cams? 
I love to see people get off watching me play with my toys, come check out my inflatable ones.

What outfits do you usually wear on cam?
I like to wear matching sets from Victoria’s Secret but I also cater for the naughty boys with PVC and leather accessories, including restraints and ball gag

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a nurse, but now I just dress up as one instead.

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
I’d love to have a threesome with another girl and join the mile high club, preferably with the pilot! 

Do you have a fetish?
I love feet and find them highly sensual, whether that’s having my toes sucked! I also love bondage so I love to be tied up and gagged by my master or dominate a sissy!

What do you look for in a man?
I like a gentleman with manners, but they have to have a naughty streak to rival mine. Younger boys who are eager to cum really turn me on, but I do also love the idea of a wiser, older man.

If there were a Babestation Cams party, which babes would you be partying with?
All the girls are absolute beauties, but without a doubt I’d love to be partying with Charlxxx. After a few drinks, who knows where we’d end up, maybe in that threesome I’ve always wanted!

What is your hidden talent?
I’m the equivalent of Mary Berry in the kitchen, but I bet she can’t inflate her butt plug 11 times…

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What’s an interesting fact about you?
I own my MSA British Racing License, so I’m eligible to race my cars in any series across the UK.

Describe your perfect day?
Waking up to breakfast in bed by a gorgeous man and then showing him how much I appreciate him for the rest of the day. Finishing with a nice glass of red by a cosy fire.

Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
I’m definitely a morning person and I love waking someone up by going down on them. Equally, I love naughty sex late in the evening, it somehow feels a lot more sensual.

What do guys on Cam usually ask of you?
Guys love to see my natural DDs and love my role play. I’m a natural dominant so I love to tease and deny, watching men obey my orders really turns me on.

What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
I always make sure I’m wearing my sexiest underwear and have my favourite toys at the ready. I have a tall pair of heels on standby too and my whip is never far away.

What is the best chat up line you’ve heard?
‘Do you want to have sex? Breathe for yes, lick your elbow for no.’

Do you sleep naked?
I love to sleep in silk pyjamas, just so the postman doesn’t get a shock when I have to answer the door in a hurry! When it gets pretty warm in the summer I often sleep naked and with the window open.

Do you like watching porn?
I enjoy watching porn particularly in the mornings, I have a little WhatsApp group of cam girls and we share our favourite videos. I love watching the videos that the girls star in too, they fuel my fantasy of a threesome!

Do you use sex toys on yourself?
Nothing is off limits when it comes to sex toys. I love the classics but my favourite at the moment is a double ended dildo, nothing beats that feeling of fullness.

Screamer or a Moaner?
Definitely a moaner.