It was my final year of uni I was getting fed up with all the work and just needed a break, so one afternoon I ditched lessons to go and hang out in my local pub and listen to my music. I was just sitting in the corner with my headphones on when a fit brunette walked in, looking tight and toned in ripped jeans and a white low cut vest that showed off her cleavage. I’d never seen such a hot woman before but I didn’t want to be creepy so I just went back into my phone and thought nothing more about her….

Five minutes later I feel a tap on my shoulder and I’m surprised to see it’s the hot brunette. Up close this babe is a 10|10 mature MILF and she asks in a sexy northern accent if she can share my table as all the other tables are taken. I move my things and she shimmies in close to me, muttering something about me being sweet. Dionne Mendez revealed she’s a glamour model and soft core porn star which completely floored me because I’d never met a real life porn star before. Dionne is super flirty and she starts complimenting me on my blue eyes and muscular arms. The hours pass and Dionne and I are getting on like a house on fire when suddenly I feel something touch my cock under the table. I’m surprised when I look down and see Dionne’s hand in my crotch, rubbing my dick, which is now getting hard. I look around and she whispers seductively in my ear: “don’t worry, no one is looking, just act natural.” Dionne Mendez expertly unzips my jeans with one hand and grabs my bare cock. I’m throbbing with excitement as she wanks me off under the table in a crowded pub. No one seems to be paying any attention to us which makes the whole situation feel even more secretive and naughty. I feel myself about to cum and I start moaning but Dionne tells me to be quiet. Being told to shut up made it even more arousing and I blow my load right there in the pub. Dionne bites her lip and tells me it was nice meeting me. She gives me a peck on the cheek and leaves me with a lap full of spunk!


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