Who remembers that iconic song from Aqua in 1997, yes you remember, ‘Come on Barbie, let’s go party!’ Well, it’s time to pull out that vinyl or search it on your music streaming app, because you’re going to need it tomorrow night! We strongly urge you to cancel your plans for tomorrow because we have organised a girl-girl cam show of epic proportions. We’ve got two drop-dead gorgeous Barbies ready to go wild together on cam. It’s going to be Delia Rose & Ashley J, on Babestation Cams together, getting extra naughty!


Who: Delia Rose & Ashley J
When: Saturday from 10:30PM – 2:30AM!


Delia Rose & Ashley Jay are your typical beautiful Barbie dolls, but with a twist, they love to get absolutely naughty and wild. When we were organising this show, Delia asked to be paired up with Ashley as they are both more than comfortable with getting a little touchy feely with each other. Ashley was quick to accept the cheeky offer and our hearts got racing very quickly trying to imagine the pure filth that these girls were going to get up to. Both Delia & Ashley have featured in memorable girl-girl cam shows in the past couple months, but they are yet to actually perform together, so this will be a first!

As soon as we announced this show on Twitter we received an unprecedented amount of interest. We’ve been receiving non-stop DMs, emails and calls to get all of the details for this mega girl-girl cam show. We are now only 1 day away and the anticipation is at an all time high. We caught up with Delia Rose yesterday and this is what she told us, “I’ve always wanted to dress up as a kinky Barbie girl and find my very own Ken on cam ha!”. Mmm, we’d all love to be Delia’s Ken We then asked Ashley Jay how excited she was for the big show, she shared with us, “I’ve been waiting for the day to come where myself and Delia Rose can finally break all TV rules and get extra cheeky on cam!” Rules being broken sounds very pleasing to us! You’ll have the opportunity to see two mega hot babes get up close, very personal and very intimate! 4 words of advice for you. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS! Tomorrow night at 10:30PM! Come on Barbie lets go party!

Want to watch the show? Click here to find Delia & Ashley on Babestation Cams!


If you want a free sneak peak of what Delia Rose & Ashley Jay will be getting up to on their webcam show, then head to the Babestation Cams Twitter page at 10:15PM on Saturday! They will be live on Twitter for 15 minutes! Delia and Ashley will be giving you shout outs, answering your questions and showing off their naughty barbie outfits! It’s a great opportunity to interact and have some fun with two of the hottest cam models in the UK!

Make sure you tune into this exclusive sneak peak! Live at 10:15pm, tomorrow night, here: BabestationCams Twitter



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