It’s a given that people like to wind down in a variety of different ways. Some like to hit the spa for a relaxing massage, others like to switch off by playing computer games or going for a swim. However, there are some people that like to take a load off by visiting their favourite babe channel babe/sex worker or dominatrix. In this case we are referring to an Arsenal footballer who allegedly paid Babestation dominatrix, Chloe Grey, £1,000 to let him wear lipstick and dress up as a woman during a phonesex call.

chloe grey

27-year-old Chloe Grey was once overdrawn and homeless but now she is taking it in thanks to her kinky career where she gets to dominate men with sex toys and premium rate, open minded, real life domination play. Although babeshows star, Chloe wouldn’t name the mystery footballer, she revealed that it wasn’t surprising and it certainly wasn’t her first rodeo. Speaking to The Sun, Chloe said:

“Nothing really surprises me because they call me the queen of fetishes and there’s nothing really that I don’t cover. Nothing shocks me because I’ve been doing this for so many years and it’s become more of a hobby than a job. It’s always the high-end people like lawyers, footballers and police officers who call up.”

Speaking of the memorable call with the Gunners player, Chloe said:

“He spent around £1,000 and he wanted to dress up like a girl. He had a full set of white lingerie on and he had full blown lipstick, a wig, the works. With the footballers calling in I always think it’s crazy how they can go from having such a high-powered job and being so professional to then in their private lives being in front of a screen for something that is a complete taboo.” 

Chloe added:

“When I’m at work and I walk through those doors I’m Chloe Grey and it’s like an alter ego for me. The thrill I get from being in control is greater than actually doing if that makes sense. For me I see it as you are one of my subs and you do as you are told regardless of what I say, there is no such thing as no.”

chloe grey

Chloe caters to all kinds of phone sex chat callers, from high profile figures to shop workers and teachers. Chloe has a huge variety of outfits, role play costumes, lingerie and toys to play with during her sessions and she is very discreet. Speaking of the time she was homeless at 17, Chloe said:

“I was saying to my girlfriend the other day how mad it was that I went from sleeping in my car to driving around in my dream car and being my own boss. I am living the life I want to live and I am totally independent. I don’t need family or friends and I am solely standing by myself… I know I will always be OK.”

Another Babestation dirty talk master, foot fetish model and British pornstar, Jess West, previously spoke to The Sun about the naughty adult phone chat she has had with footballers. She has even revived a few cheeky requests asking if she is an escort. Jess said:

“I’ve had famous people call me on Babestation and you get footballers, particularly the younger generation, calling up and saying they play for so and so. They ask how much it would be to book me and I’m always like ‘you can’t book me, this is phone sex’. It was always the footballers who would call and straight away drop in who they are.”


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