Babestation models Hannah Sofia, Anna Lei, and Amber Paige got together to play Celebrity Swipe where each live babeshow model is shown photos of celebrities. They must then choose who they would and wouldn’t bang and give their reasons why. The game was filmed and uploaded to the Babestation YouTube account and was set up like an interview where the producer asks the models questions.

celebrity swipe
Amber Paige

Brad Pitt was the first celebrity up for ‘smash or pass’ – Hannah Sofia called herself a ‘basic bitch’ for wanting to smash Brad while Anna Lei and Amber Paige declined a go on Brad’s pogo stick. Sorry Brad. Jennifer Lopez is the second celeb shown and she provoked way more of an excited reaction from all three babe channel stars with all of them saying how sexy and fit she is for a MILF. I’m sure you don’t have to think too hard about what a smoking hot lesbian show that would be – J-Lo and three top trending British pornstars and phone sex operators. What a show that would be.

celebrity swipe
Hannah Sofia

Boxing legend Anthony Joshua received the green light from Hannah Sofia and Anna Lei but Amber Paige wasn’t feeling him. Ellen Degeneres was up next and she gave each one of our girls the ick. In fact it might have been the fastest swipe left we’ve ever seen. Bad luck, Ellen. Singer Ariana Grande received a resounding YES from all three women with Anna Lei saying she would like to be sung to sleep by the petite starlet. Unsurprisingly, Megan Fox was at the top of the leaderboard and received a YES faster than anyone else we’ve seen. Watch the full Celebrity Swipe video here or you can check out the Babestation Tube site for naughty clips of the girls.

celebrity swipe
Anna Lei

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