Babestation fans couldn’t believe their eyes last year when she got to witness the return of Babestation Caty Cole on the 30th June after a two-year hiatus. The queen returned looking more sensational than ever and rocking slightly smaller boobs. Fans debated whether Caty had undergone surgery but others speculated that Caty had merely been spending more time in the gym which resulted in a leaner and more slender physique. Whatever changes Caty made during her hiatus, she was smoking hot and the petite sex siren was clearly ready to shake her tits and ass. To understand and appreciate the naughty girl next door that is Caty Cole, it’s important to go back to what’s it all began….

Humble beginnings 

Caty’s actual debut debut as a babestation babe came on the night of 11th September 2009, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Caty Cole topless and groping tits

Although Caty Cole became one of the top attractions on the babe channels after her move from studio66 cams to the babestation schedule in the early summer of 2014, those familiar with the channels prior to autumn 2009 would remember that the night of July 8th, 2014, marked her return to Babestation rather than her debut. Before her celebrated tenure with Elite TV/S66, Caty had worked across various Babestation-related shows, including Partyland, Party Girls (revival version), Babestation 2, Babestation 1, and BS Xtra on Freeview. Her actual Babestation debut took place on the night of September 11th to 12th, 2009, but let’s not jump ahead just yet.

Caty Cole bent over with stocking on

Caty’s babeshow career has forever been intertwined with the presence of her younger sister, Amanda Rendall, who achieved fame in the British porn industry several years earlier. It appeared that the two sisters made an agreement to never to appear together on the same babeshow, as Amanda explicitly stated in a live response to a Babestation viewer back in September 2009. This rule has remained in place throughout their careers. Given Amanda’s established reputation as a trending name on Babestation in the noughties, it would have posed scheduling challenges had Caty also joined as a Babestation girl.

Sibling rivalry 

If we go back to 2008, before the Party Girls babeshow on Freeview, we find the sisters in different places. During summer 2008, Amanda was killing it as a top babestation girl, while Caty had established herself on Sexstation, which incorporated Babecast TV. Although both babeshows fell under the same babestation online umbrella, they were separate entities. While Amanda had exposure to the Freeview audience, Caty’s channels were exclusive to Sky viewers.

Times are a changin 

Towards the end of 2009, Babecast was replaced with Partyland, a similar babeshow that notably had a Freeview presence. On the night of March 19th 2009, Caty Cole made her terrestrial debut alongside Reede Fox, introducing the first-ever episode of Partyland on Freeview. Throughout the summer of 2009, Caty Cole remained a popular choice for the original Partyland show. However, by the end of summer, the former Sexstation channels came under the control of Babenation, resulting in the merger of all shows from the same studios. At this point, there were a few scheduling issues between Caty Cole and Amanda but it was an easy fix. Caty pretty much stayed on Partyland and Party Girls, while Amanda focused on Babestation 2, Babestation 1 & BS Xtra. One of the most memorable shows features Caty Cole and her real-life bestie Mica Martinez, who starred in a lesbian girl on girl show back in 2015.

Caty Cole and Mica Martinez lesbian pics

Elite TV

Caty Cole left Babestation at the end of 2009 to join Elite TV AKA the studio66 schedule, where she remained until 2014 when she made a triumphant return to Babestation. Callers now get to engage with Caty for cheap phone sex, lesbian girl on girl cam shows and nude pervcam performances. Access unrestricted Caty Cole content by registering on babecall. Witness Caty Cole nude and teasing her shaved pussy and perfect ass on british sex cams and see for yourself why this petite babe has been popular for so many years.


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