I was working at a hotel in Spain for the summer during my break from uni and I was having the time of life. Seeing a bunch of hot women in bikinis by the pool everyday wasn’t bad either. After a heavy night with the other waiters I was working the early shift by the pool when a sexy tattooed brunette beckoned me over. She had huge fake tits, big pouting lips and seductive green eyes. She was super flirty as she introduced herself as Candy Sexton and told me to bring her a porn star martini.

Candy Sexton had an older guy sitting next to her who looked like he could have been her sugar daddy but I wasn’t sure. She looked like a high class escort or glamour model and I was totally mesmerised by her. As I was making her cocktails behind the bar she strolls up to me and says something about it being too hot by the pool and if I knew anywhere cool. “There’s a large cool store room out the back”, I said jokingly. To my astonishment she grabs my hand as she leads me off saying “let’s go”. I couldn’t believe it. I leave the bar unattended and take Candy Sexton to the store room. She wipes the beads of sweat off her cleavage and tells me how nice it is to get out of the sun for a minute. I stand there awkwardly not knowing what to say to this beautiful women when suddenly Candy drops a bombshell: “I saw you looking at me earlier”. I was worried she thought I was some sort of pervert and I began apologising and fumbling over my words in case I had offended her but she placed her finger on my lips to stop me talking and grabbed my cock. “I know you want this”, she whispered, as she undid my trousers and got on her knees to suck my cock. Her big lips wrapped around my dick felt incredible. She had to be a porn star with those blowjob skills! She deepthroated and gagged on my hard cock and stood up, pulling her bikini bottoms to the side. She turned around and backed her pussy onto my cock and thrusted onto me. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking this super sexy woman in the store room whilst her sugar daddy waited for her completely oblivious to what was happening. I spanked her ass as she fucked me and pulled out just before I came, making sure I spunked all over her delicious ass!


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