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Cam Girl of the Week – Minxy Mia

Minxy Mia has been laying on some seriously epic cam performances recently. So much so, that she’s even caught the attention of a local online newspaper! Featuring in the Chronicle Live under the name Zara Parr, Minxy revealed all about her saucy cam career and how much she enjoys wanking off the UK. 

The former dental nurse was once working a “boring 9-5” but ditched the smock and plaque scraper in favour of sexy lingerie and thigh-high boots. That hot body was certainly waisted under her dental uniform. Keep reading for Minxy’s full interview: 

How did you get into the webcam industry?

A glamour model came into the dentist practice for a check-up, and told me how she was flush with cash and off to Tenerife. I thought ‘I’m working 40 hours a week, getting treated like shit’ so I quit and signed up to Babestation Cams the very next day!

How do people react when you tell them that you’re a cam girl?

Guys love it and find it really interesting when I tell them what I do but women are a whole different matter – I often get branded a prostitute or slag by women. Jealousy is an ugly thing! 

What do most men ask you to do on cam? 

I get a lot of men with a foot fetish just asking to see my toes. One customer even gives me huge tips just to show my soles. But apart from that, a lot of men just want a talk – they just want a conversation. Sometimes I’m on for half an hour just talking about their holidays.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on cam?

Completely unintentionally, but one customer’s marriage broke up after chatting to me. I don’t think his wife was too happy about catching him on cam. 

What has been your most awkward experience on cam? 

A guy who I actually knew came on and I was also talking to him on Tinder. It felt so awkward so ultimately, I swiped left! 

What’s your favourite sexual position?

I love them all! The more positions we can do in a session, the better!

Webcam with Minxy Mia Here.

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