Babestation debates the top that got banned…what kind of top are we talking about?  What happened with this top and what do the Babestation babes think about the top in question?  You’re about to find out.

Imagine being kicked out of a Wetherspoons because you’re baring a bit too much flesh?! Embarrassing right? That’s exactly what happened to 20-year-old Mollie Wood who was left humiliated and mortified when she was refused service at Wetherspoons, Reading, because of her ‘inappropriate’ top. Mollie was up for a night out in ‘Spoons’ with her mate, who also happened to be wearing the same strappy black top.


On arrival the two pals were told by a male manager that they were dressed “unsuitably” for the bar and that their cleavage was equal to a “man being shirtless.” Yikes. I mean it’s slightly different but whatever mate. While Wetherspoons might turn it’s nose up at the revealing top, celebs such as Faye Winter from Love Island can’t get enough of the cleavage flashing clobber. What do you think? Too much? Personally, if a woman wants to dress up in a strappy top, stockings, a latex dress, who the heck cares?! We get one body in this life and we should drape it in any fabric we see fit.

Faye wearing the top on Love Island

The Sun newspaper enlisted the help of model Annabel Myzel, to try out the booby top to see what the public made of it. Here’s what Annabel said:

“It definitely wouldn’t be my first choice, I am a little bit more conservative when it comes to my dress sense.You might catch me in this on a girl’s holiday but personally I wouldn’t head to the pub in it.


I do think people should wear what they want but I personally don’t find this look that attractive, maybe you should leave a bit more to the imagination.

I am scared to be hitting the streets wearing this, I’ll admit it!”

After hitting London Bridge in her new outfit, Annabel started to feel quite liberated:

“I am definitely getting a few looks but I guess that is to be expected, but I am actually quite enjoying myself – there’s something quite empowering about it.

However, nobody seems particularly shocked or outraged by the outfit which I am a little bit surprised about.”

One businessman said:

“It is certainly a provocative look. My mate pointed her out to me and it definitely made me look. But it’s far too much during the day!”

However, a young female office worker completely disagreed, saying:

“She looks amazing! It’s very revealing, yes but she looks great. As long as you’re confident you can get away with it.”

Here here!  Now let’s find out what the Babestation babes think about the top:

The babes at Babestation certainly aren’t shy when it comes to revealing outfits.  Check out this video and more like it on the Babestation video page.  Then when you’re done there, why not phone the babes for a bit of dirty phonesex or head to Babestation VIP area for some XXX afternoon delight with a huge array of porn content.


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