We hope you enjoyed that Valentine’s Day offer we put on for you during the week on Babestation Cams! Our babes got extremely filthy with you lot, and they’re ready for Round 2 this weekend! If you’re going out with the lads this Friday or Saturday, we suggest you make an excuse, because the 2 shows we have on are not to be missed!


Who: Jasmin Marie & Aemelia Fox
What: Girl-on-Girl Special Request Show!
When: 9pm – 1am

jasmin marie aemelia fox babestation cams

We all love to be in control don’t we? But imagine being in control of two of the hottest babes in the country! Imagine being able to tell them what to do, what to wear and see them follow your every filthy command. Well that day is here! The beautiful Jasmin Marie & stunning Aemelia Fox are teaming up for their first ever joint show together and they are giving the control to you! This is a special request show, so start thinking up your naughty requests now!

Jasmin Marie & Aemelia Fox are ready for whatever you want to throw at them, these are wild chicks ready for a wild Friday night! Although it may be their first cam show together, they are well acquainted off screen, so be ready to see these two get absolutely filthy! They can’t wait for this one and neither can we, this kicks off Friday night at 9pm!

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Who: Nicole Snow & Jada
What: Sexy Secretaries – You’re The Boss!
When: 9pm – 1am

nicole snow jada babestation cams

Nicole Snow & Jada are the ULTIMATE 2-girl combo! This is going to be their 3rd show together, the first was a College Girl Special, the second a PVC/Oil filth fest and for the third, they’ll be your Filthy Secretaries! These two together know exactly how to push a man to his climax, the job always gets done in this office! We spoke with Nicole & Jada to see what naughty things we should expect from this show…

Sexy Secretaries then, will you be following the bosses orders?
Nicole: Oh yes! We want you guys to make sure we’re doing our job right, and if we’re not, you have to discipline us You’re the boss here – whatever tasks you want us to do, we’ll do our best to carry them out.

I’m guessing you have some revealing office wear at the ready?
Jada: Me and Nicole always make sure our outfits fit the theme, and this time is no different. We’ve both got very special secretary outfits ready to show off!

And last words for your fans?
Nicole: Be ready for a show that will have it all! If you miss out on this, you’ll regret it!

This show might be taking place on a Saturday but our office will definitely be open for work Nicole Snow & Jada will be logged in from 9pm – do not miss it!

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