If you have already been exploring the wonders that the adult entertainment industry has to offer then you probably already know what a cam girl is or perhaps you are already very well acquainted with them and watch their shows on the regular! Cam Girl is a term used to refer to ladies who conduct live shows to entertain their viewers by doing erotic acts, gestures, or having a little conversation through chat. Some even dance or sing as a part of their performance. Generally, what they aim to do is to entertain their audience by performing acts favoured by the viewers to gain more views.

From its term Cam Girl, the ladies perform live in front of the camera. The broadcasts are usually done in their room at their home or in studios that are typical for the porn industry. Since the show is done in real-time, audience interaction and customization can be done which is the most entertaining aspect of it!

A Brief History of Cam Girls

We can say that somehow, voyeurism is the father of camming. The concept of camming was born when a college student named Jenny Ringley created a website dedicated to posting photographs of herself doing her normal day to day activities inside her room–from brushing her teeth, doing chores, and showing some skin. As time passed by, the website gained popularity and she decided to divide her website’s service into free and pay to watch.

Not so long after, few websites with the same feature started to sprout on the internet offering the same service. In 1998, AmandaCam was launched which is pretty much the same with JenniCam but only with more cameras around the house. Amandacam lets the viewers watch her go around the house doing day to day activities. However, it is worth taking note that what boosted the camming industry is the discovery of live chat interaction. This feature is what led the industry into its booming million dollars worth.

What do Cam Girls do?

Unlike the hardcore adult films which include erotic intercourse and is usually saturated with heavy sexual acts, Cam Girls offer a variety of service which are far from the usual direct penetration adult films. Women who do live shows in front of the camera usually do acts that tease the viewer like getting naked, masturbation, or even just chatting with the viewers through a private room. Some even dance, sing, and play games as a part of engaging with their guests. Now, this is quite interesting, isn’t it?

Well, most people when they hear the word Cam Girl they think that these girls only offer sexual acts that involve intercourse. While some do offer such, the services on the menu board of these hottie performers vary depending on the request of the guest! Yes, you can request what the Cam Girl will perform by paying.

Viewers of Cam Girls usually like to be teased. They are fond of watching the hot ladies take off their clothes piece by piece, talking dirty to them, pleasuring themselves through masturbation, and performing erotic dances in front of the cam. We could say that such acts might even make them more excited!

What makes Cam Girls strive in the adult entertainment industry is its interactive nature and, of course, it’s personalized touch. The audiences are not merely viewers but they are also participants in the act as they continuously connect to the performers through live chats. With this, the viewers are more engaged (on a much more personal level) as compared to the traditional adult entertainment services where the viewers are merely spectators.

What are the Differences between Private and Public Cam Shows?

There are basically two types of live show performers: the private cam girls and the public cam girls. Cam girls who perform in public usually have a large pool of audience since the room provided by the host can be accessed by anyone. Viewers can interact with the performer through chat. However, other people could also see your requests or chats since it is flashed in the live chat feed on a public domain. Viewers can show their appreciation to the performer by giving her an electronic tip. On the other hand, rooms for private cam girls can also be accessed through tips. Well, since it is a private show, viewers can expect exclusive performances and services from private cam girls.
So, what is this tip that serves as your gate pass to these live shows? A tip is an electronic token which you can purchase on camming websites. It is basically a form of electronic money which you can give to cam girls to show appreciation or to access private rooms for exclusive performances.

Where Can I Watch Cam Girls?

Accessing these savvy live shows is easier than you might think it is. Almost all of the adult entertainment websites you can surf on the internet have cam girls to make your deepest fantasies come to life. Nonetheless, only a few have top of the class entertainers which could make the most out of your bucks. Babestationcams.com has a pool of cam girls you can choose from depending on your fetish, personal preference or type of show you are inclined to watch. You can browse the profiles of the performers on the babestationcams.com to see the list of the hotties who are available 24/7. These babestation girls are ready to show off their stuff (and enticing talents) regularly.

The best part of watching the live shows from the incredibly sensual cam girls that you can find on Babestationcams.com is the fact that you can discover all sorts of women, ranging from Ebony, MILFS, Redheads, Mistresses and much more, all with their unique set of talents and assets that will get you drooling on your seat, begging for more and exploring all of your deepest fantasies in the most sensual and enticing way possible!


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