Theres a big party going on here at Babestation Cams HQ. We’ve got the balloons out, cake all over the place and we’re in the party mood. Why? It’s Babestation’s 15th Birthday! You’ve been blessed with 15 whole years of hot glamour models, huge tits and shaking asses. To celebrate this monumental event, we’re putting on a Babestation Birthday Party which will last the whole weekend! Have a read below to see what amazing shows we have on.


Who: Hannah Claydon & Rosie Lee
When: 9pm – 1am

hannah claydon rosie lee

We haven’t seen this 2-girl combo for a while! Hannah Claydon & Rosie Lee did a Babestation Cams show earlier this year and it was a smash hit. We’ve been trying to get these two back together ever since, but it’s been tough going as Hannah & Rosie are so busy with their modelling. When they heard we were putting on a Birthday Party Weekend, they were the first knocking on our door to book a Cam show in! We honestly can’t wait for this show, the anticipation has been rising and we think this show will eclipse their previous one. The Birthday Party kicks off at 9pm on Friday and Hannah & Rosie are your naughty hosts, make sure you spoil the girls!

Click here to join Hannah Claydon & Rosie Lee on Babestation Cams!


Who: Alice Goodwin & Lori Buckby
When: 9pm – 1am

alice goodwin lori buckby babestation cams

For this Birthday Party Weekend, we wanted two girls who love to party and love even more going on Babestation Cams together. We knew straight away which girls ticked those boxes, Alice Goodwin & Lori Buckby! These 2 are coming straight off the back of the 4-girl cam party from Thursday. You may have thought Alice & Lori would want a rest after that, but they’re ready to get right back at it! Super horny babes, these two! They told us they’d be wearing their ‘birthday suits’ all night long We reckon this show is going to be x-rated from the off, so be prepared to get filthy from 9pm on Saturday!

Get with Alice Goodwin & Lori Buckby on Babestation Cams. Click here!


Who: Aemelia Fox & Daisy Dillion
When: 10:30pm – 2:30am

aemelia fox daisy dillon babestation cams

Here’s a couple of names you probably haven’t seen in a girl-girl show before! Aemelia Fox & Daisy Dillon both joined Babestation Cams earlier this year and you could definitely put them in the category of Babestation’s Hottest Newcomers! Aemelia Fox & Daisy Dillon are extremely hot, as you can tell, so why wouldn’t we pair these girls up for a girl on girl show! In their short time at Babestation, they’ve shown us exactly how filthy they can get so we know this show is going to be very naughty. They’re ready for a party and a wild one at that! 9pm on Sunday night, let’s end the Babestation Birthday in style.

Want a Babestation Cams show with Aemelia Fox & Daisy Dillon? Click here!



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